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Moving the Fam: 4 Unique Areas to Consider When Relocating

If you’re looking to relocate the family to an area offering many family friendly amenities, you’re in luck – there are many such areas in the American West. Following are just four communities for your consideration.

Salem, Oregon

As Oregon’s capital city, Salem features a bustling, attractive downtown where residents and visitors have the opportunity to relax on the well-kept grounds of the state capital building. Salem is particularly beautiful during the middle of spring when the city’s thousands of cherry trees are in blossom, living up to its nickname of “Cherry City.” One of the major benefits of living in Salem is its proximity to a variety of locals. The mountains are approximately a one hour drive to the west, while traveling about the same distance in the opposite direction will result in reaching the ocean. Those who enjoy an occasional visit to a big city will appreciate being able to drive to Portland in less than an hour.

Sacramento, California

Sacramento residents enjoy a climate so mild that they can garden all year round, access to fresh fruits and vegetables from the agricultural lands that surround the city, and a reasonable cost of living. Because it’s situated in an extremely large agricultural belt, Sacramento’s cuisine scene is vibrant and eclectic. Outdoor recreation meccas such as Lake Tahoe are within easy driving distance. Like Salem, Sacramento is a capital city with beautifully kept grounds that are open to the public.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Renowned for its clean, wide streets and family friendly ambiance, Salt Lake City offers many reasons to build a house in Utah. Many residents know that Utah home builders’ clients love how close recreation is to downtown. Snow sports enthusiasts, for instance, enjoy access to over 11 ski resorts within an hour’s drive of Salt Lake City. The state of Utah also has five national parks and 42 state parks within its borders, making it an extremely attractive relocation option for outdoor recreation lovers. Salt Lake City also enjoys a thriving food scene as well as a significant art and culture presence. Additional advantages to living in Utah include a low crime rate and a strong economy.

Bellingham, Washington

The north coast city of Bellingham, Washington, offers a thriving arts and culture scene, access to abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, a mild, maritime climate, and proximity to Seattle for those who want or need the occasional amenities of a world-class city. Bellingham also offers a supportive business environment for small-scale entrepreneurs, making it an attractive option for those who are seeking effective ways to exit the corporate rat race.

Always make sure to scope out communities thoroughly before you make your final relocation decision to ensure that you have made the best possible choice for you and your family. Taking everyone’s preferences into account when moving can help lead you to your family’s own promised land.

Rachelle Wilber

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