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Qazzoo Lead Generating Engine Expands to Oklahoma City

Qazzoo, a consumer powered search engine startup based in Annapolis, Maryland, has just announced expanding to include additional offices in Oklahoma City. The platform, which is in effect directly connects consumers with suppliers, has experienced very rapid growth since launching at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Tradeshow in May 2012.


For real estate professionals, and those in search of homes, Qazzoo represents a significant business opportunity. Qazzoo pretty much turns the business of lead generation on its head by effectively creating a C2B relationship, home buyers listing their needs so that businesses (agents) can connect with them locally. The success of the business proposition has caused a need for a quality, technical, and customer service in Oklahoma. Jim Buffington, Qazzoo senior VP of sales, commented on this latest move:

“We are starting out with additional client services and user experience out of the Oklahoma City location. After months of research Oklahoma was selected because of several factors including an educated workforce and low cost of living. Keeping technical support and research and development in our Annapolis office allows us to maintain the integrity of the development team and continue to tap into the technical talent that is abundant in the Washington DC, Baltimore corridor.”

The Qazzoo difference is an interesting business innovation more so than a technical innovative one. The consumer-powered search engine, particularly when focused on the point of pain for the real estate industry, turns out to be a huge “win-win” at the local level. For potential buyers being connected to sellers with the right properties in the right locations is a no brainer. For agents, guaranteed leads at a fraction of conventional costs is the big win.

Qazzoo can all but eliminate ad budgets for real estate agents in some instances. High quality home buyer leads, connecting agents with serious buyers, and connecting on the basis of filtered criteria, this is a great way to shortcut and economize the whole buying and selling proposition. Qazzoo’s benefits for REALTORS® include: 

  • Qazzoo eliminates the need for expensive local advertising, either online, TV, radio or in print;
  • Qazzoo offers highly targeted, relevant leads;
  • With the option to preview the leads before they buy, Qazzoo puts realtors in control of every dollar spent on leads;
  • Using Qazzoo, realtors generate better ROI for every dollar spent.

For more information about this news from Qazzoo readers should visit the website via the links provided, or read the original press release here. Alternatively, interested parties may contact Qazzoo directly via: 1-800-230-9019


Al Twitty

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