Real Estate Safety: Attack Victim Urges Agents to Take Precautions

A real estate agent who was the victim of a vicious attack back in 2010 while showing a man around a luxury home has decided to speak out about what happened to her, in an effort to warn others in the industry to trust their instincts and stay safe.

Janice Tisdale speaks about being attacked by one of her clients

Janice Tisdale, a real estate sales associate based in San Antonio, Texas, has made a video speaking about her experience, in order to warn other agents of the risks involved with meeting clients at vacant properties.

Her decision to make the video comes shortly after the man who attacked her, 63-year old Emilio Maldonado, was convicted of the assault and jailed for 60 years, reports

Tisdale was lured to a meeting with the man at one of her multi-million dollar luxury property listings. Maldonado posed as a wealthy businessman interested in buying the home. However, when he met Tisdale at the property, he became aggressive and demanded the agent give him $4,000, telling her he needed the money to pay off his debts. When Tisdale refused to hand over the money, Maldonado bashed her over the head with a metal rod.

It was later revealed in court that Maldonado was actually a truck driver still living at home with his parents, a far cry from the wealthy businessman he claimed to be.

Tisdale says that with hindsight, she should never have gone to meet with Maldonado – she claims she felt there was something suspicious about the man after he first made contact with her. In the video, Tisdale urges other real estate agents not to make the same mistake as she did:

“Always trust your instincts, keep your phone nearby, and never park in the driveway. When the hair on the back of your neck stands up, listen to yourself, to your inner self. It’s really not about the almighty dollar. It’s about your life.”

Tisdale’s video has been posted on YouTube by the San Antonio Board of Realtors, who have taken up her cause to warn other real estate professionals to stay safe.

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