Top Producers in Houston Real Estate Firm Share Bestselling Secrets

Four top realtors of the Houston-based real estate firm John Daugherty Realtors met recently to share the secrets of their success in a “round table” style meeting.


Four top Houston realtors meet to discuss real estate strategies. Courtesy of inetgiant

One of the producers is Richard Ray, who has been selling real estate for just two years. According to him this is his longest career to date and his most enjoyable. His past experiences included remodeling homes, and he also used to handle his own rental properties, making real estate a natural career progression.

Laura Sweeney, the second realtor at the table, has been selling residential real estate for the last 13 years and is the company’s number one producer. She gives John A. Daugherty full credit for kick-starting her career, as his sales manager called Laura every month encouraging her to get her realtor’s licence.

Eventually, in the face of such persistence, Laura gave in and since then she has never looked back. She feels the most important aspects of being a great realtor are to stay positive and keep going.


John Daugherty Realtors is one of the biggest real estate firms in Houston. Courtesy of eHouston Real Estate

Laura Mayer attributes her success to her outgoing personality. She used to work in investment banking and private equity, but feels her current career working with people is much more suited to her personality. She stressed the importance of thinking outside the box and likes to be creative when marketing her listings.

Our last producer, Lisa Kornhauser, is John Daugherty’s number two top producer and has spent the last 10 years selling Houston real estate. She chose this career because as a mother of three preschool children, she used to love attending open houses, and knew she wanted to become a realtor once her children started school.

Sweeney thinks it’s extremely important to work well with other agents, while Kornhauser feels it’s important for realtors to remember clients are paying for their services, and feels the key to success is in the negotiating, delivery and presentation.

Ray is happy to agree with them both, but revealed that he imagines negotiations as chess moves and tries to view the deal from a distance in order to do the best job for his client.


John Daugherty Jr, son of founding father John Sr, who has led Houston real estate's top firm since 1967. Courtesy of Unique Homes

John Daugherty Realtors was founded by John A. Daugherty in 1967, who is still president and CEO. The firm is the largest seller of upscale residential homes in the Houston area, and currently employs 170 real estate agents and 54 support staff members.

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