Redefy lets users ask Alexa how much their home is worth

Redefy, the leading real estate platform that sells your home without taking a listing commission, has launched the first national-scale Alexa skill for home valuation. Users can employ any voice-activated Alexa device, such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Fire TV, to launch the skill and find out how much their home is worth.

The skill, called Redefy Real Estate Home Valuation, is free on Amazon’s Alexa Skills store under the business and finance section. Once activated, anyone with a compatible device can simply say “Alexa, ask Redefy Real Estate what my home is worth” or “Alexa, ask Redefy Real Estate to tell me the value of my home” and get a response within seconds. Users can also ask Redefy to “Contact me” to learn more.

Alexa will ask for the address and, once it’s given, provide the valuation. Home sellers can also be paired with a Redefy agent who can help them prepare and list their home for sale and support them through their entire Redefy selling experience. Redefy’s valuations are based on public data and a proprietary algorithm.

The skill is designed to be an easy way for homeowners to get a realistic home valuation, plus find an agent right away. It also allows agents to do an in-home demonstration for homeowners to see our market knowledge and pricing expertise.

Redefy counted about 12,000 home value requests in its 10-day test launch “We’re excited about the response from Alexa users because we spent zero dollars marketing this new skill,” said Redefy President and CTO Chris Rediger. “It’s clear that homeowners who use IoT voice-activated devices are interested in getting an accurate home valuation from the comfort of their own home.”

Mike Wheatley

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