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REMI Releases Tip Sheet for Prospective Home Buyers

The Real Estate Marketing Insider has released a tip sheet for prospective homebuyers. This release followed a story in the Washington Post showing that prospective home buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to find suitable properties.

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The Real Estate Marketing Insider has compiled a list of resources for prospective homebuyers to help them find property. These range from online resources to enlisting the help of experts within their communities. The report in the Washington Post examined the current situation for homebuyers in today's economy. The problem faced by many home buyers is simply that inventory levels are low, and the demand for homes is exceeding supply. There have been reports of inventory shortages right across the country for months now, and the combination of rising prices and cautious lenders has made it difficult for buyers to find a home that fits within their needs and their budget. This has led to some buyers looking towards new and more innovative ways of discovering sellers who have chosen not to sell through MLS or a major realtor.

Popular methods include discussion forums, public record perusal, and even door-to-door searches to find homeowners who may be interested in selling.
REMI has pointed out that no matter what the housing market may look like on paper, there are always homes for the taking, and there are various reasons as to why sellers keep their home "off the grid." The challenge is for buyers to unearth these homes. REMI has put together a list of top tips for buyers interested in finding leads in homes without going through MLS or more traditional routes.

Their first tip is to look on the Internet for message boards or discussion forum that attracts sellers interested in a realtor free sale. They've pointed out it's easy to find message boards like this in almost every market through using a targeted Google search.

REMI’s next tip is to partner with a realtor on solicitation campaigns. A realtor is able to send out letters to property owners announcing they have a buyer available for anyone who may be thinking of selling.

The third tip is to turn to major listing websites such as Trulia or Zillow, but to also look towards less mainstream sites such as eBay or even Craigslist. However they do point out the need for caution when considering buying property from such sites and some homes may not be properly represented.

The Real Estate Marketing Insider offers insight into the complex real estate market for buyers, sellers and realtors. It is updated daily and can be found online.

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