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Could a Robot Vacuum Solve Your Housework Woes?

Let’s face it, nobody really enjoys doing housework and the satisfaction of having a beautifully clean house or apartment is generally very short-lived. If you are fed up with dragging out the vacuum cleaner every day after work, then why not consider a robot vacuum?

Since their initial development, robot vacuums have become increasing sophisticated thanks to the development of ever-improving technologies. The latest vacuums from Neato are smart and powerful and are wi-fi enabled for your smart home. These award-winning robot vacuums have a number of features and are able to clean any time you wish thanks to the Neato app. You can start, stop, pause or schedule your robot vacuum and will receive notifications wherever you are. Select models include Manual Drive, Cleaning History and Find Me. One useful new feature is the Coverage Map, showing you exactly where your Neato robot vacuum has cleaned. This feature is exclusive to Botvac Connected only.

The first generation of robot vacuums came with numerous problems, frequently getting stuck under furniture or they would miss out large areas. With advanced laser mapping and navigation, this needn’t ever be a problem with the newer robot vacuums. They have 360° scanning technology that will completely map the room and which will even plan the most efficient course, minimizing the time spent vacuuming your home. Your robot vacuum will also be able to sense and respond to furniture, stairs, and toys, navigating around them without missing a single spot. While it’s busy vacuuming, the robot vacuum will be continuously scanning your room so if there are any changes it can re-plan its course to make sure it remains efficient. The fact that it is able to clean much faster enables it to vacuum a larger surface area. If it does run out of power, it will simply return to its charge base before going back to finish the job.

Neato’s D shape allows it to get right into corners and along the walls, all areas where dirt tends to build up. Pet and human hair isn’t a problem as Neato will pick up the lot. With your robot vacuum, not a single dust bunny will be left behind. Its patented SpinFlow technology uses precision brushes and strong suction to leave your floors cleaner than ever before. Its laser smart technology is ideal for everyday cleaning, freeing you from at least part of the tyranny of housework.

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