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So, Why Myrtle Beach

What’s the hype all about

Myrtle Beach South Carolina has allways been a very well known toursit destination for people from all corners of the world. And also Americans trying to fill their soul with southern hospitality, and let their lungs feast on that fresh ocean air. Condos for sale in Myrtle Beach have a lot to offer, Take a look for yourself below

Great Ocean Condos

Having the choice of so many different condos in Myrtle beach can be a great opportunity to find yourself something that’s crafted perfectly for you. If you want ocean views, They’ve got that for definite. You’ve got a family, No problem they have up to five rooms in the choice of condos. Most condos in Myrtle beach offer an amazing choice of facilities like heated pools, kids pools and water slides. One thing i have to say is if you aren’t a fan of water i wouldn’t move to myrtle beach, Because as you can see i mentioned water based activities a lot

Beautiful long beaches

Myrtle beach has a 60 mile stretch of beach, yes you read that correctly. So if you’re a surfer or you enjoy swimming, It surely will cater to your needs. On the beachfront they have all kinds of activities available. Like paragliding and also more kid friendly activities like banana boating. You can also get yourself a cheeky tiki cocktail and chill on the beach, Watching the sun set whilst your kids are playing in the sand

Great investment opportunity

Why Myrtle beach, why not anywhere else. If you are looking for somewhere that’s gonna be very busy in the tourist season, Myrtle beach is an extremely good place to set up an Airbnb. Myrtle beach was voted the 3rd most popular place for american tourists in a survey by Tripadvisor. So having that passive income could really help you out. It’s especially good as more and more people will be having in-country holidays, due to the covid-19 pandemic making travel to other countries less simple as it used to be

Home or home away from home 

Yes I did just say home 3 times, You don’t just have the option to invest in Myrtle beach. You can of course live there yourself. Maybe that’s not possible as your work requires you to be physically in the city you currently live in, That’s ok you can use it as a holiday home. Whenever you need to escape your normal life and take a time out, Head down south and treat yourself to a little break from your normal day to day grind

Lower cost of living

Your first thought would be that if the cost of living is low the facilities and services that you need to live an easy and comfortable life won’t be available. But this is far from the truth, Myrtle beach still has all the necessary everyday things services and bits and bobs that every normal person would require, Whilst still offering a prices 30 percent lower than the average cost of housing in the USA

Jamie Richardson

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