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What is the VA loan Certificate of Eligibility?

A VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility is your proof of service, and it shows that you're qualified to receive your…

2 years ago

More homeowners are relying on forbearance to ride out the pandemic

Homeowners are increasingly relying on forbearance programs to avoid going into foreclosure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 37,000 mortgages…

2 years ago

VA Loan Changes for 2020

VA home loans will undergo some major changes for 2020. The biggest news is the elimination of the long-standing loan…

3 years ago

Low/No Cost Mortgages Are Expensive

There are still low and no down payment mortgages on the market but buyers need to be aware that these…

7 years ago

Real Estate Money Basics - 10 Ideas For Financing a Home

There are many different ways to find financing to buy a home. But most folks are only aware of just…

10 years ago