What is the VA loan Certificate of Eligibility?

A VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility is your proof of service, and it shows that you’re qualified to receive your VA loan benefits. You may be eligible for VA loans if you have served or are currently serving in the military. Spouses of veterans may also be able to receive specific benefits for which a

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More homeowners are relying on forbearance to ride out the pandemic

Homeowners are increasingly relying on forbearance programs to avoid going into foreclosure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 37,000 mortgages were added to forbearance programs in the week ending Dec. 15, which means the total now stands at 2.787 million loans. That’s about 5.3% of the U.S.’s total of 53 million mortgages, Black Knight data

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VA Loan Changes for 2020

VA home loans will undergo some major changes for 2020. The biggest news is the elimination of the long-standing loan limit, a big deal for those buying in hot markets. Another less popular change will be the increase of the VA funding fee.  VA loans are a great benefit available to both veterans and active

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Low/No Cost Mortgages Are Expensive

There are still low and no down payment mortgages on the market but buyers need to be aware that these tend to actually be expensive options in the long run. For instance, FHA loans are among the most popular low down payment guaranteed loans. Due to insurance losses over the previous seven or so years,

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Real Estate Money Basics – 10 Ideas For Financing a Home

There are many different ways to find financing to buy a home. But most folks are only aware of just one or two options. Generally, financing for a home can be broken down into two major categories: “Traditional” and “Non-Traditional”.

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