Voice Recognition Technology Becoming More Popular

Over the past few years, voice recognition technology has become a more popular way of communicating with connected and mobile devices. Not so long ago smart devices had to be controlled by clicking or swiping them, but now many can be activated with just a few words.

According to an article in WAGMTV.com, a recent cellular survey carried out in the US found that 36% of smartphone owners use a virtual assistant every day, while 30% use smart home technology every day. As speech recognition technology has improved considerably, it’s made the possibility of a voice -controlled smart home more available and many of these devices can already be purchased. Nowadays voice recognition technology is used for personal assistants, thermostats and for appliances connected to cars.

This connectivity is expected to increase with the number of devices and sensors predicted to rise 200% to 46 billion by 2021. There are now numerous products on the market and the article takes a look at how each could help us.

Many people already have a personal assistant on their Google for Apple phone and the popularity of this feature is increasing rapidly. Apparently, half of all searches will be made using voice recognition technology by 2020. Smartphones allow us to control other smart devices, to access useful information such as news and weather and to access calendars.

Voice-activated home speakers are also highly popular, giving access to the latest weather, news, and traffic or connecting users with music, photos, and videos. Some connect with other smart devices such as Nest and a newer Smart TV can be controlled with voice recognition technology allowing users to turn the TV on and off, to access apps and to change channels without needing to touch the remote.

Many people now have wearable technology allowing them to track their daily activity, to monitor their health and to measure the efficacy of workouts. The introduction of voice technology makes these wearable devices even more useful.

Voice recognition technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and is just one more way that smart devices can help to enhance life both at home and while out and about.

Allison Halliday

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.

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