Emerson Group Expands Reach & Services

In a press release via PRNewswire, Emerson Group just announced a re-brand of its company name, website, and also revealed three new divisions of the rapidly expanding company. Emerson Property Management, Emerson Commercial, and Emerson Capital represent a significant expansion of Emerson into real estate investment, management, and commercial dealings. Despite the company’s vastly extended reach, there is an Achilles heel, read to the end.

Jay Robinson via his company's website

Emerson Group also announced the acquisition of Priestly & Young, a prominent property management player in the triad region. Lastly, Reliant Properties, a single family rental management outfit, rounds out Emerson’s expansion with still another “re-brand” of that company to E and Company. Jay Robinson (above), Managing Partner for Greensboro-based Emerson Group, has this to say about the announcements:

“What sets Emerson Group apart is our home grown leadership team’s significant expertise and personal investment in community stewardship. Emerson Group prides itself on delivering exceptional financial returns to our investors while being socially responsible. Be it multi-family, student housing or a commercial development project, we find ways to make Emerson business goals and community interests align.”

Emerson Group began in 2002 operating a rental home aspect. Since then the company has expanded to become not only a full service real estate firm, but one of the fastest growing entities in the Southeast. The company operates with 35 employees out of a renovated historic home in downtown Greensboro, NC.

Downtown Greensboro - courtesy the amazing photography of Mark Miller

Obviously Jay Robinson’s Emerson Group has a powerful record, particularly where commercial offerings and capital are concerned. It is interesting to this writer how the company has overlooked their digital responsibility though. Their website is a shadow of online presence, and Jay and Co. apparently have no social outreach what-so-ever. And showing PDF’s of $4 million dollar properties is not exactly cutting edge by anyone’s estimation.  One has to wonder at the lost opportunities for this growing company therein?

Phil Butler

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