How to Afford the Home of Your Dreams on a Budget

Everyone wants to purchase their dream home, but often you don’t have enough cash in your wallet to make your dream a reality. Do not let your budget stop you from getting the place you want. You might have to cut back in some areas, but you can afford the house you want with the right tips. Before searching for a home, you should consider what things you really want and what you might be willing to compromise on.

Do Not Waste Building Materials

You should make sure your builders are not using too much drywall and plywood. Any leftover materials will get thrown in the trash and you do not want to waste money on materials that will rot in a landfill. Make sure you go over finances for materials with your builders and be clear about what you are willing to allow in your budget.

Spend Your Money Wisely

Luxury materials should only be used in focal areas. You can easily waste money installing granite countertops in your laundry room no one will see. Brass fixtures and granite countertops can make an inexpensive home look fancy, so if you are getting into an older home, just use these items for a better more upgraded look. Use fancy materials in your kitchen and master bathroom, or places you know will be well-used.

Design for Low Maintenance

Purchase durable materials. This might seem like a contradiction when you are trying to save money, but you should focus on quality. Cheap windows and cheap carpet will need to be replaced more often, but when you invest in quality materials, your whole house will last longer.

Hire a Realtor

You do not have to sift through all the homes that do not fit your criteria. A realtor can help you find an affordable hidden gem. You might not be aware of the newest homes for sale in your area, and instead of wasting hours negotiating with sellers, you can let an experienced realtor handle the gritty work for you.

Lower Your Utility Bills

If the HVAC system is outdated, you will probably have expensive water and electric bills. You can lower your heating, cooling, and plumbing bills by choosing an energy efficient design. When you lower your utility bills, you will have money for more upgrades as well. Use solar panels or solar shades and make sure the plumbers install an energy efficient plumbing system.

You can have home luxuries on a budget. When you invest in quality materials, your dream home can stay in great condition for decades. After looking over your budget, you may want to forgo the latest technical gadgets and spend the money on sturdy walls and floors. You can add more fancy technical features as you upgrade your home.


About the author: Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking and gardening. For more information on hiring the right realtor, contact Re/Max Alliance – The Diane Stow Team or contact Brooke via Twitter.

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