RebateLeads Integrates Flat Fee Savings Into Its OPEN Real Estate Commissions Marketplace

RebateLeads has made another major release since its launch in April 2017 of an autonomous Internet service that works with real estate agencies advertising commission savings and buyer’s rebates in major metropolitan areas and across the United States. This unique service operates without referral fees and is absolutely free to access. The service is designed to provide real estate consumers with the best local commission savings information.

The start-up operates an algorithm that is not affected by the referral fee revenue – all local results provided to users always match their best options. RebateLeads now poses a viable alternative to referral fee based companies that advertise savings in their own interest instead that of the consumers. Currently, RebateLeads operates about 20 Million pages advertising savings in local areas and works to expand this presence to over 140 Million pages across the United States.

The new addition and comparison of the flat fee pricing models is a result of the consumer’s interest in the start-up brokerage companies such as Trelora, DoorHomes and Reali, each operating in their own markets. With flat fee pricing models both sellers and buyers are able to receive sizable savings when buying and selling real estate in the United States. RebateLeads fully supports this trend with continued development of its OPEN Real Estate Commissions Marketplace.

“When compared to a 6% ‘standard’ commission based on local competitive agencies rates, flat fee agencies consistently provide great savings to real estate consumers,” said RebateLeads co-founder Dmitry Shkipin. “This information directly benefits our users and encourages real estate agencies to list their best rates. We encourage buyers and sellers to select best overall value and having flat fee selling and buying representation options greatly outweighs savings offered by traditional giants such as Redfin.”

The best part about the service is its flexibility. RebateLeads allows real estate agents to comfortably participate in an open marketplace and to advertise competitive commission rates and service levels for a specific transaction price range, quickly opt-in, or modify service advertisements for free at any time. Buyers and sellers create lead requests, select agents they like and system forwards these leads directly to them for the fastest response. These features, together, make up the most effective platform for real estate agencies to advertise and for buyers and sellers to find local representation for their real estate transaction.

RebateLeads is the first platform on the market that allows real estate agents in the United States to effectively compete locally on fair terms. RebateLeads is built to advertise savings, however, the platform does not lock anyone into any referral agreements or specific rates – the competitive marketplace guides the process. RebateLeads does require a healthy user-participation to because it generates revenue with independent advertising and optional premium services.

RebateLeads, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based Internet start-up that exist to promote lower cost of home-ownership in the United States while generating unbiased real estate representation search results for its users. The service operates on a patent-pending independent revenue model that allows its users to receive the best local real estate agency savings information absolutely free. RebateLeads can easily be found online at

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