How To Get A Loan For Investing In Real Estate

Getting a loan for your investment property can be tricky but it doesn't have to be impossible. Read our blog…

1 year ago

5 Different Kinds Of Loans And Their Benefits

It’s a huge commitment to take out a loan. Since loans vary in their repayment schedules and interest rates, it’s…

1 year ago

What are the Benefits and Risks for Home Lending?

There is a technical process behind home lending that not everyone is familiar with. But it’s necessary information especially for…

1 year ago

A Comprehensive Guide On Acquiring Unsecured loans

As part of an unsecured loan, a lender provides money to a borrower without any legal claim on the borrower's…

2 years ago

Study: Down payment assistance doesn’t mean a higher chance of defaulting

Common wisdom has it that home buyers who rely on down payment assistance are more likely to default on their…

3 years ago

Freddie Mac will finance loans for manufactured homes

Government-backed mortgage servicing organization Freddie Mac says it will begin financing loans for manufactured housing, in an attempt to make…

3 years ago

GROUNDFLOOR, a crowdfunding lending platform, raises $4.2M in funding

Real estate lending platform GROUNDFLOOR recently raised an extra $4.2 million in funding, bring its total amount raised $6.2 million…

4 years ago

Fannie & Freddie privatization should be ushered in gradually, experts say

If the federal government is to go through with its proposed privatization plans for mortgage servicing giants Fannie Mae and…

4 years ago

PeerStreet says it’s funded over $1 billion in real estate loans since its launch

Real estate loan investment platform PeerStreet says its hit the $1 billion mark for loans funded via its public marketplace…

4 years ago

Guild Mortgage to help fund solar panel installations

Some mortgage lenders are offering assistance to homeowners who’re willing to install solar panels by paying for the upfront costs.

4 years ago