How mortgages will be impacted by latest increase in interest rates

The Federal Reserve caused a stir last week when it voted to raise interest rates yet again – the fourth…

3 years ago

Rising rents contribute to increase homelessness, Zillow says

Rising rents across the country are burdening financially limited renters, and contributing to higher rates of homelessness in many of…

3 years ago

Most buyers still fail to shop around for a mortgage

A majority of home buyers could be leaving money on the table due to their failure to shop around for…

4 years ago

Does the availability of mortgage credit impact presidential elections?

A new research paper suggests that changes in the availability of mortgage credit can have an impact on voting patterns…

4 years ago

Economists are concerned as millennials delay homeownership

Economists are reportedly worried that millennials are not buying homes on the same timeline as previous generations, the Urban Institute…

4 years ago

Limited English proficiency linked to lower homeownership rates

People living in areas with lower levels of proficiency in English have significantly lower rates of homeownership, according to a…

4 years ago

CoreLogic: Mortgage delinquencies spike following natural disasters

Natural disasters such as wildfires, flooding and hurricanes are having a considerable impact on mortgage delinquencies, according to new research…

4 years ago

Higher mortgage rates likely following Fed’s move to increase interest rates

An increase in mortgage rates is likely to follow after the Federal Reserve voted to hike its short-term interest rates.…

4 years ago

Why buyers need to act now, before interest rates increase

Economists are warning of a “big impact” that rising mortgage rates could have on buyers who’re shopping for real estate.

4 years ago

Study shows link between Airbnb and rising home prices

Home sharing website Airbnb has a direct impact on home prices and rental rates, according to an unpublished research paper…

5 years ago