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Travtus helps landlords to keep tabs on their property's health

The greatest source of information for any property manager is his or her tenants. After all, they’re the ones who…

6 years ago

Using credit card to finance your home renovation project might not be a smart idea

Using your credit card to finance home repairs will almost certainly cost more.

6 years ago

Your clients need your help with home maintenance issues

One of the main tasks of real estate professionals involves guiding their clients throughout the entire home buying process, no…

7 years ago

Small Town Commercial Investing the Benefits

If you are looking for stability more than big bang profits, investing in small town commercial properties will likely appeal…

9 years ago

Happy Tenants Mean More Money

If you want to make the most money for the least hassle, keep your tenants happy. That means putting a…

9 years ago

10 Steps to Take Before Listing Your Home for Sale

You love your home, but it is time to move on. It is time to put it up for sale…

9 years ago

What Fixer-Upper Really Entails

It’s no secret that buying a fixer-upper can give you much more purchasing power as you shop for a home.…

10 years ago

Hard Money - When the Timing and Price Are Right

Hard money loans are often loans of last resort. They certainly have a place in every investor's toolbox but these…

10 years ago