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Travtus helps landlords to keep tabs on their property's health

The greatest source of information for any property manager is his or her tenants. After all, they’re the ones who report any issues first, and they generally know the status of your assets better than any inspector. All that said Travtus to the rescue.

But the reactive nature of repair management means this information is often lost. Property managers are busy people juggling many tasks at once, and it becomes all too easy to fall behind when dealing with multiple tenants.

A new startups called Travtus wants to help fix all that, and to do so it’s launching a new, interactive property analytics platform that can help managers better understand their property’s health.

Travtus is an Artificial Intelligence-powered platform that currently services properties within the New York City area, delivering smart property analytics to help make property manager’s lives easier.

The platform can be thought of as a work order management solution that puts data at the forefront. It captures information about properties at every stage, then uses this data to perform analytics on so it can spot patterns and trends. For example, property managers can use Travtus to monitor the productivity and efficiency of maintenance work through every step. They can use it to spot trends affecting the entire floor of an apartment building, identifying problem hot spots such as stack leaks or persistent HVAC issues. The data can be visualized so managers have an easy view of their property’s health.

Travtus say its goal is to help property managers and landlords cut down on paperwork while improving their operational efficiency. The company is a keen believer in the idea that a well kept property ensures tenants are happy, and will prevent the need to spend large amounts of money on repairs when they reach, well, a state beyond repair.

The idea is this – stop addressing symptoms and use Travtus to find the root of the problem so you can reduce the backlog that’s created by long-term problems. Travtus monitors property’s health so managers can fix issues early, preventing serious maintenance issues from cropping up later on.

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