COVID-19 sparks big interest in suburban life

The COVID-19 pandemic could result in waves of people moving from the city and into the suburbs in search of…

2 years ago

Millennials spur suburban population growth

U.S. suburbs are seeing rapid population growth due to an influx of millennials who’re moving out of the city centers.…

3 years ago

Suburbs are less affordable than urban areas in the largest U.S. metros, study finds

Housing affordability across the country is especially tough in the nation's urban areas, but in the country's largest metros it's…

4 years ago

Corporations relocating to urban centers, but they might regret it, experts say

Companies in the U.S. are increasingly abandoning suburban office parks in favor of urban centers, but developers say they’re concerned…

5 years ago

Are you ready for the big baby boomer sell off?

As they enter retirement, the baby boomer generation is set to sell of its homes in vast numbers over the…

5 years ago

The End of Suburbia is Nigh

Young professionals are heading to cities and some have vowed to stay, forsaking the suburban life completely.

8 years ago

Top 9 Exciting Suburbs For the Young

Evanston, Illinois might not be on your bucket list but it ranks in the top nine suburbs in the nation.…

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Opportunities Arise with Real Estate Value Increasing in Perth

The city of Perth has seen a recent increase in the value of real estate, a trend analysts expect to…

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A Changing Landscape – Suburban Poverty on the Rise

Soaring poverty levels in suburban USA are forcing a growing number of suburban communities to rethink how they can best…

11 years ago