Urban Institute

Inflation, Ukraine and climate change are the 3 biggest trends impacting real estate in 2022

The Urban Institute and PwC have just published their 2022 Global Emerging Trends in Real Estate report and it makes…

3 months ago

New condo builds fall to lowest level in decades

While new home construction has soared over the past 12 months, condos are being left behind, says a new report…

5 months ago

Asians, Blacks and Hispanics to fuel new household growth

The Urban Institute has said that virtually all of the household growth in the U.S. expected over the next two…

1 year ago

400k borrowers are “needlessly delinquent”, study finds

Around 400,000 homeowners who’re struggling to pay their mortgages due to the COVID-19 pandemic have failed to take advantage of…

2 years ago

Study: Manufactured home values appreciate at similar rates to traditional homes

The prices of manufactured homes, or mobile homes, are appreciating at the same pace as those of traditional homes, which…

4 years ago

Economists are concerned as millennials delay homeownership

Economists are reportedly worried that millennials are not buying homes on the same timeline as previous generations, the Urban Institute…

4 years ago

Total value of the U.S. housing market hits $23.9 trillion

The total value of the U.S. housing market has hit $23.9 trillion, its highest value since the early 2000s

6 years ago

Women more reliable than men at paying off the mortgage

Women are more likely to keep up to date with their mortgage repayments than men, according to a new Urban…

6 years ago

The top 10 easiest cities to secure a mortgage in the U.S.

It’s not easy securing approval for a mortgage these days, especially if you’re one of the millions of Americans that…

6 years ago