The Geovation Accelerator Programme to Continue in 2019

Technology startups in the GeoTech and PropTech space will be jhappy to hear that the Geovation Accelerator program is now open for 2019 applicants. The Ordnance Survey-backed Geovation accelerator based in London offers a grant of £10,000 for six months, and another £10,000 after.

The program, Geovation Accelerator, gives innovative startups in the GeoTech and PropTech spaces networking support, desk space at Geovation offices in London, and a grant of £10,000 for six months, with the opportunity for another £10,000 afterward. The program affords selected startup teams key access to technical advisors, as well as Ordnance Survey and HM Land Registry data. Topping the list of most recent Geovation supported startups for 2018 were:

  • getGround makes transacting property in the UK buy-to-let market speedier and more cost-effective
  • ADVC8 provides innovative software and digital marketing services to law firms wanting to increase business opportunities and grow their client base
  • Skyroom partners with major landlords to help them turn their disused rooftops into high-quality, low-cost, eco-friendly homes for key urban workers

Along with 12 month’s free desk space at the hub, Geovation Accelerator Programme members get one-to-one sessions and workshops covering finance, fundraising, business planning, legal and intellectual property, company law, and coaching on presentations and pitching. Alex Wrottesley, Head of Geovation, offered this comment on this year’s accouncement:

“We want to hear from any new start-ups, entrepreneurs, and developers looking to solve customer problems with location data, or creating new digital solutions in the land and property sector. Geovation offers a unique combination of funding, expertise, relationships and resources and the teams on our Programme find themselves at the heart of our vibrant GeoTech and PropTech community.”

Wrottesley went on to outline the financial assistance, mentoring and workshops, as unique in the startup arena in the UK, “outlining how his company works closely with cohort companies to run lean experiments and build and release startups’ first products.”

Backed by Ordnance Survey (OS) and HM Land Registry, the Accelerator Programme has witnessed ongoing successes since its founding back in 2015. All together, some 84 start-ups have gone through the programme, creating more than 200 jobs and raising £23.3 million in investment funding, according to Geovation. Jonny Britton, co-founder of land data platform LandInsight, went through the programme in 2015, had this to say about the accelerator:

“Geovation has a technical group of people who could give you real-time consultancy to how you can start moving faster with that data to put it into your products. Whenever you are with a group of people who are really pushing those boundaries, it’s a fantastic place to be.”

About Geovation

Geovation is an Ordnance Survey Initiative in association with HM Land Registry, which is dedicated to supporting open innovation and collaboration using location and property data. Location is at the heart of many of the most successful digital products and services. Land and property is the foundation of our national economy.

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