Survey Shows Housing Will Be Key Issue For 2012 Elections

Almost 70% of Americans have stated that Presidential and Congressional candidate’s stance on housing will be one of the most critical issues for them by the time next year’s elections come around, according to a recent survey conducted by Move Inc. that questioned 1,000 adults.

New survey shows that housing is likely to be one of the most critical issues for next year's elections © Mikhail Mishchenko -

The survey is positive proof of the concern surrounding housing at present, and shows that an issue that has so far been neglected by Republican candidates will have a bigger part to play in elections than they have acknowledged so far.

Moreover, housing is considered by 81.7% of respondents to the survey to be critical towards the country’s economic recovery. Yet, not many people seem to think things will be much better in a year’s time, with 73.1% saying they expect housing market conditions to be the same as they are now, or worse, in 12 months time, compared with just 23.2% who think that things will improve.

As for whoever wins the election next year, helping homeowners to stave off foreclosure was considered to be the main priority for the winner (something that will help Obama’s chances perhaps?). Meanwhile, survey respondents also prioritized the need to keep interest rates low, and make mortgages more freely available.

Errol Samuelson, Move Inc.’s chief revenue officer, made the following statement about the results:

“After four years of living in a housing downturn, American voters clearly want answers and are looking to our elected leaders for solutions.”

He added that while many Americans were pessimistic or frustrated about the current situation, just over one in four (27.3%) of citizens still plan to buy a home in the near future. Therefore, says Samuelson, it is likely that whichever candidate shows the most concern of housing issues is likely to win a lot of trust and support from the public.

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