Megan has over 13 years of experience in the real estate industry working as a sales and technology representative for a nationally known title and escrow brand as well as being a virtual assistant. While she traded in the title and escrow hats, she still has her hand in real estate by authoring continuing education RE courses and blogging. She has a passion for home improvement and is addicted to HGTV and Pinterest to feed her project ideas. Megan loves to be creative and do what she can on a budget

Listing Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treat, give me some candy or give me a listing! When preparing and going on a listing appointment you should begin with the 5 P’s: 1) Prequalify the seller. Screen the seller to ensure that they are serious before the appointment. 2) Prepare the seller. Consider providing a prelisting package before the listing appointment. 3) […]

Tricks for Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

With the first day of fall behind us we are beginning to see the leaves change colors on the trees and it can only mean one thing-fall is officially here and winter will fast be upon us. What this translates to for most homeowners is that we are trying to finish out all of our […]

Realtors: How to Farm for Leads

If you are a realtor then you may be familiar with the term ‘farming’ but not everyone is acquainted with what farming really means if its not used in the context of growing vegetables and other types of commodities. Farming in real estate simply means that an agent has a specific community in which they […]

A Home Buyer’s Expectations of a Real Estate Agent

Today’s home buyer has certain expectations of a real estate agent due to the way that technology has evolved into transforming our everyday lives. While each agent is unique in how they work with buyers and what services that they provide certain services are expected… states that over 50 percent of consumers surveyed reported […]

Landscaping Tips & Tricks

I have had the challenge of moving into a house that was desolate of landscaping and now I have the duty of helping a family member landscape their newly built home. Most of us are landscaping challenged, even if we have a green thumb we may not always have the vision that it takes to […]

DIY: Re-Painting The Front Steps Of Your Home’s Exterior

Like so many homeowners out there I am guilty of neglect. As a renter your home maintenance worries always seemed to be carefree… But unfortunately, as a homeowner you always have a long list of home maintenance and improvements to do. I have been putting off the project of sprucing up my front steps with […]

How To ‘Upsize’ or ‘Downsize’ in Seven Easy Steps

With interest rates still low some homeowners are considering selling their current home and upsizing to a bigger residence as their needs grow. For others, they’re in a reverse situation, looking to downsize and cash in on whatever equity they may have.