Commercial real estate firm adds an infectious diseases specialist to its staff

Florida-based commercial real estate firm Crocker Partners has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a new position within its organization for a director of environmental health, to help it develop a program that’s designed to keep its employees healthy. Dr. Walter Okoroanyanwu, who is a medical professional with experience in infectious diseases, told the […]

Drive-in cinemas make a comeback in empty parking lots

Drive in movie theaters are making a comeback amid the need for social distancing. They’re emerging in empty parking lots that were once jam-packed with shoppers’ vehicles at local shopping centers and regional malls, which have been hard hit by the pandemic. The idea helps support retailers as it brings in much-needed customers, while shoppers […]

Real estate sectors poised for recovery, executives say

Industry experts in the commercial and residential real estate sectors say they believe both markets have already bottomed-out and that they’re now on the mend, and likely to grow over the next few quarters. That’s according to the latest RCLCO Real Estate Market Index, which is based on a survey of hundreds of real estate […]

Demand for warehouse space grows due to COVID-19

Commercial real estate firm JLL predicts that demand for industrial real estate space could grow by an addition 1 billion square feet by 2025. The demand is likely to be driven by a need for more fulfillment centers due to the growth in e-c0ommerce – an industry that has boomed since the onset of the […]

New York mandates HEPA filters in shopping malls

Businesses in New York City are likely going to need to upgrade their air conditioning systems in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 if they’re going to reopen, reports say. This week, New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the state will require malls in the city to install “high quality” air systems […]

Study: Work from home to become a long-term trend

As companies begin to reopen their office doors following the COVID-19 lockdown, a new survey reveals that around one third of employees are hesitant to return to the office, and would rather continue to work from home on a permanent basis. The survey by in late May found that workers prefer working from home […]

Crescent Lenders Funds Purchase of $2.2 Million Condo

Crescent Lenders recently funded the purchase of a residential luxury townhome in Pasadena that was acquired for 2.2 Million Dollars. The term of the private money loan is for 60 months, but the buyer intends on refinancing the loan in 6 to 12 months time. The loan to value ratio was less than 40% and […]

U.S. companies plan a phased return to work

American firms are likely to take a gradual and cautious approach as they reopen their workplaces amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new survey from commercial real estate company CBRE. Most companies will follow social distancing protocols and readjust their workplaces to ensure they can be implemented. Around half of the 203 companies surveyed […]

Will COVID-19 kill the open office space concept?

Experts say the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing employers to reconsider their office layouts, and the open-office style layout may well get the chop. “While many organizations prepared for employee safety in other ways, the workplace was not designed to mitigate the spread of disease,” Steelcase, a furniture maker, wrote in a newly published brochure called […]

COVID-19 pandemic causes surge in demand for warehouse space

Demand for warehouse space is surging during the COVID-19 pandemic, as retailers are seeing an increasing need for more storage after having been forced to close their stores. The increased demand for storage space is believed to be a direct result of consumers changing buying habits. And while some see the change as only being […]