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InHance Interiors: A Look At a Design Olympian In the Making

By Phil Butler | June 23, 2021

InHance Interiors is a high-end residential design and services firm located in Los Angeles. The firm offers design, architectural, consulting, and advising services for new or existing construction. This boutique agency aims to create a streamlined and painless process for clients. Founded by an LA entrepreneur who grew up in the business, the firm’s success stems from the founders' evolved sense of design purpose and process. Here’s a picture window into an up-and-coming company doing things right. 

Bre Hance, CEO & Founder of InHance Design
Bre Hance, CEO & Founder of InHance Interiors

In November of 2020, InHance’s Founder and CEO Bre Hance was interviewed by Authority Magazine’s Jerome Knyszewski. The author’s story subheading read, “Cultivate and nurture relationships internally and externally. Don’t be transactional.” One look at InHance’s portfolio and its digital footprint show us this team practices what they preach. And with hundreds of profiles under our belts, I can assure you this is a lot rarer than you may believe. 

Inhance has become successful primarily because of the founder’s inherited understanding of the business. This “non-transactional” value that her company brings directly results from Hance’s family’s stake in design and construction. Bre Hance’s dad was a paint and drywall contractor, and her mom ran a large tract home development, so her boutique design/building agency has practical expertise wired into its DNA. 

One project reveals the capabilities and core values of this agency. An Encino estate remodel takes through Hance’s design process. In the Vimeo video from InHance below, we can see authentic enthusiasm and talent revealed. Bre Hance is transparent. But, here team’s understanding of digital marketing and presentation is also apparent.

Petit: The Great Encino Estate Tour from InHance Interiors on Vimeo.

One reason for featuring InHance here on RealtyBiz is to demonstrate something we’ve hammered on for years now. Modern companies, be they real estate brokerages or BBQ cafes, must be in touch with the living billboard, the mobile/digital space. Real estate agencies and other design/development firms can take notes from Bre Hance here. Success is all about capability and being able to convey your value wherever your customers are listening. The digital age has spread the stage curtains wide to reveal who is paying attention. How often have we reported on businesses that “say” they are this or that, only to discover they were not digitally aware? InHance’s nearly 19,000 subscribers on Instagram are evidence, and so are the shares.

The same attention to social media prowess reflects on its Facebook pages, Houzz, Pinterest, their Vimeo channel, and even Tik Tok. The company is making use of platforms conducive to branding with images. Bre Hance’s team has left off Twitter and other media with no branding or promotional value. This digital awareness reach by InHance brings us to what differentiates this company from the scores of others. We find the critical differentiation in the aforementioned Authority Magazine interview where Hance responds to a question about making a good company a great one. Here is what Hance said: 

“A good company is average. They may be half in/half out, unwilling or unable to learn from mistakes, never taking risks or valuing internal or external relationships, not operating as a team nor communicating well, and most importantly lacking vision and follow through.

A great company is the exact opposite — clear vision, open communication, encouraging collaboration, following through and sticking to their word, accepting feedback and indeed implementing a better game plan, taking calculated risks, and investing in company culture.”

In researching InHance for this company review, I ran across another interview Bre Hance gave at love happens magazine. In the interview/profile, the InHance CEO was asked, What profession does your alter ego have?” Her answer is telling: 

“A professional athlete/Olympian. Not for the money, not that women’s sports get paid a lot, but for the pure competition, team aspect, and satisfaction of being the best. Playing on a team, strategizing how to win, playing off e/o strengths, training, and practicing to be the best is how I am wired. I try and translate that off the court, of course now, but playing just captures another level of who I am!”

And there it is again. The transparency and authenticity we so often find in highly successful people. I also read the testimonials for InHance to find a beginning and end to this company’s success quotient. To be honest, I looked for something wrong and could not find anything. Yes, InHance’s Facebook profile could use a few thousand more fans. But down where the value is, with the satisfied client, the company just shines. From a nursery design to broad projects like the estate, the company never seems to miss a step. And if you read my other reviews and analysis, you know I NEVER say this. 

All that’s missing for Bre Hance’s agency is more of the same. What began as a one-woman operation has sprouted into a strong competitor for bigger firms. I’d say all the company needs is a sprinkling of new talent to expand upon the founder’s dream. Even a fpro cannot do everything herself. 

Phil Butler is a former engineer, contractor, and telecommunications professional who is editor of several influential online media outlets including part owner of Pamil Visions with wife Mihaela. Phil began his digital ramblings via several of the world’s most noted tech blogs, at the advent of blogging as a form of journalistic license. Phil is currently top interviewer, and journalist at Realty Biz News.
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