How to Save for a Home While Paying off Debt

American debt is on the rise. In fact, the average American currently holds $41,559 of non-mortgage debt, $7,512 more than in 2019. Because those figures are so staggering, many would-be buyers think they have to put off their dream of homeownership until they can get a better handle on their finances. In reality, however, it […]

Buyers look to new homes, and inventory is drying up

The National Association of Home Builders says buyers are increasingly looking at new homes due to the low inventory of existing homes. In October, new home sales were up 41.5% compared to the same month last year, according to data from the Commerce Department. “Buyer traffic remained strong in October even as the country’s attention […]

More people want fences, despite rising costs

Homeowners are apparently seeking more security and privacy in their homes, and that has sparked a big jump in demand for fences. The sudden jump in demand for residential fences, plus a shortage of lumber and other fencing materials means that prices have been driven much higher, and buyers face a longer wait for them […]

Zillow: Remote work could help more Blacks become homeowners

The rapid rise in pandemic-driven remote work could make homeownership more attainable for black renters compared to other renters, based on factors including income, the makeup of local industries, geography and more, a new Zillow analysis has found. Zillow research found that of the nearly 2 million U.S. renters that have able to take advantage […]

Tips About Home Buying During the Holidays

In the year of the coronavirus, the demand for homes remains at a record high and the amount of inventory at a record low. For active buyers, less competition from other buyers during the holidays could provide a small advantage. But buyers won’t have an advantage with sellers because they are well aware of how […]

How to Rent Your First House or Apartment

What to Know About Renting For The First Time Are you thinking of moving out of your parent’s home and renting your first house or apartment? When you rent your first home, there are things you should know to avoid the pitfalls that could put you at odds with your landlord. Renting a house could […]

As people stay at home more, good neighbors matter

People’s priorities are shifting as they spend more time at home freed from the strain of constantly commuting and being active. Now, home shoppers are placing more emphasis on the neighborly qualities on the areas where they live. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that real estate professionals have noted buyers are placing more […]

How Financial Struggles During COVID-19 Will Affect the Real Estate Market

Thanks to COVID-19, the economy has taken a turn for the worse, millions of individuals are unemployed, and renters can’t pay their monthly bills. Hopes for a quick recovery disappeared as a second wave of coronavirus is spreading around the globe, particularly in the U.S. The financial impact of the first wave was relieved with […]

iBuying transactions fall by half as traditional home sales accelerate

Home sales might be up during the COVID-19 pandemic, but iBuying companies are still suffering from a lack of activity. Indeed, it’s looking likely that the market share of iBuying activity will be around 50% less than what it was in 2019, according to one analyst. iBuyer companies such as Opendoor operate a business model […]

The Real Estate Market is Kind of Insane Right now

Whether you’re in the market for a good home or are interested in selling, this year has shown an insanely high demand for new homes across the country. If you have been searching for that perfect home for you and your family, there are many things to consider in order to find what is right […]