How Technology Has Changed the Real Estate Industry

As with most things, COVID slammed the real estate industry to a halt before being thrust into some fast changes. Some trends had been slowly gaining ground for a few years, but COVID created exponential growth that otherwise may have taken many more years.  There’s a lot of opportunity with both residential and commercial properties […]

Do I Have the Legal Right to Stop Smokers in My Rental Properties?

A No-Smoking policy might seem clearer and more straightforward than it is. Smoking tobacco is legal under federal law. The federal government doesn’t restrict smoking in private rentals. And smoking does not fall under any Fair Housing Act protection. In fact, federal agencies do restrict (but don’t prohibit) smoking in public housing. So, what does […]

This is No Longer a Housing Boom or a Housing Bubble

We’ve had the makings of a housing bubble for more than a year and a half. The basic ingredient for a bubble is when demand for homes exceeds the actual supply. What we do not have is the ingredient for a housing bust, which is when the demand decreases and the supply increases. Speculators Aren’t […]

12% of home sales fall through due to low appraisals

As competition for limited housing inventory intensifies, buyers are bidding up home prices. But many have found that the tactic of making an aggressive bid to beat out other offers backfires, as the appraised value of the home falls well below the agreed price. The National Association of Realtors’ latest Confidence Index Survey, based on […]

Tips For Researching a Home’s History

Purchasing a new house is a complicated process, which requires time and a lot of care. To make it a safe and carefree process, there are several elements to consider before signing the actual contract. Although the immediate attention of any buyer goes towards the financial aspects, like loans and credit history, it is instrumental […]

Probate Properties are Great Opportunities for Real Estate Investors

People own property. People owe taxes. People die. I don’t mean to be morbid, but these are facts of life. Every investor is aware of, and many specialize in one of these sources of investment properties: foreclosures, REO, short sales, divorces, fire damage, damaged foundations, hoarders, and other distressed properties. In today’s market, these can […]

Fannie Mae to allow third-party homeownership education courses

Fannie Mae has said it will allow third-party operators to provide the homeownership education courses that many buyers are compelled to take to secure a mortgage. The organization said the third-party homeownership education providers will have to be aligned with the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling or with the Department of Housing […]

Builders paying more for substitute materials to avoid construction delays

Home builders are struggling with shortages of materials they need to finish their projects, including wood paneling, ceiling joists and pipes. Faced with the prospect of delayed schedules, they’re racing to find substitute materials instead, but that process is adding to their costs. The Wall Street Journal reported this week that supply shortages have dogged […]

4 Ways to Prepare to Put Your House on the Market

There is a lot more to selling your home than just putting up an ad or a for-sale sign. You will have to take the time to prepare your home. You need to do the following things to prepare your home to be put on the market. Make All of the Necessary Repairs Even if […]

4 Things to Know for Your Investment Properties

If you’ve never owned rentals before, you must understand four basic principles if you want to be successful:  It’s not your dream house. Numbers matter. Financing can be complicated.  You will make mistakes. That’s OK. These quick tips will get you started and help you decide if you’re ready to make money with investment property. […]