Home sales are taking longer

People who’re trying to sell their home during the COVID-19 pandemic are being warned they’ll need to be a bit more patient than usual, as the process is likely to take a little longer. That’s according to the latest realtor.com survey, which found that homes are taking an average of 15 days, or 27%, longer […]

Will the ‘homecation’ be part of the new normal?

This Memorial Day weekend could mark the start of “homecation” season, as Americans reconsider their summer vacation plans and, instead, come up with creative ways to vacation at home. A new survey from Zillow conducted by The Harris Poll found that 38% of Americans plan to spend more time at home this summer compared to […]

Staying at Home This Summer? Turn Your Backyard into an At-Home Oasis

If the pandemic has you altering your usual summer vacation travel plans, make the best of a bad situation by turning your backyard into your own private resort. Put some of that unused travel budget toward improving your home’s outdoor living space and possibly even improve your home’s value. But even if you don’t have […]

What Sellers Should Know About Real Estate Closings Right Now

Selling and buying homes right now looks a lot different than it did just a few months ago. Selling your home during the COVID pandemic presents some challenges, but it can be done.  And if you’re tired about hearing about COVID, join the club, but unfortunately, unless you’re safe and sound and home without the need […]

Non-eviction order leads to a rise in luxury home squatting

With landlords no longer able to evict tenants due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some tenants are taking advantage of the situation by squatting in some luxury, short-term rental homes. As a result, landlords say they’re missing out on thousands of dollars in rental payments. The problem is that some short-term tenants who rented properties just […]

Beyond the Pandemic: Ensuring Your Home is a Safe Haven

There’s been a lot of talk about how to keep your home clean and safe during the pandemic. But what about the other health hazards in your home, like radon or asbestos? With so much focus on disinfecting for the COVID-19 virus, it’s easy to see how other deadly hazards could be forgotten. Here are […]

Benefits of a Green Home

One of the main reasons homeowners are reluctant to ” go green” is cost. Unfortunately, the green industry has a reputation for being costly. Yes, there are some green products that are expensive to invest in, however, you don’t need to change everything at once. Solar panels are coming down in price, and in a […]

Zillow sees more listings of high-end homes

New listings of high-end homes dropped the farthest and fastest when the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S., while affordable listings were less affected, a new Zillow analysis shows. But as new listings have increased in recent weeks in response to strong buyer demand, more high-end homes are coming onto the market than any other type. […]

Indications of What’s to Come in the Residential Market

Rents, mortgages, and mortgage applications are key indicators for the health of the residential real estate market. As the battle against the virus roars on and the economy begins taking baby steps towards reopening, here are some of the first numbers showing what is in front of the industry. Delayed Mortgage Payments by the Millions […]

Rental application fraud rises during COVID-19 pandemic

Rental application fraud has grown significantly since the COVID-19 crisis began, according to new data from real estate technology and fraud detection company Snappt. The company’s latest report shows that application fraud has increased by 9% month-over-month since the pandemic began, with many inflating their income to qualify for rentals, or else disguising the source […]