The RealtyBizNews Team

The RealtyBizNews team is composed of industry professionals, experts in a number of associated fields, reporter/journalists, and contributors from real estate and the business world. We also encourage industry leaders to contribute to the conversation via guest posts, video, podcast, and of course the comments.

Mike Wheatley – News Editor

Mike is quickly making a name for himself in the world of online journalism, seeing his news articles and blog posts published on several notable publications. Highly talented and extremely well qualified, Mike brings with him a wealth of experience to real estate news reporting, having previously graduated from Nottingham University in the UK with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

In addition to his contributions at Realty Biz News, Mike also operates as a professional freelance writer and internet marketing consultant, having established his successful Content Solutions Online marketing agency in 2010. In his free time, Mike enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and traveling around Thailand in South East Asia, where he currently lives.

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Allison Halliday

Allison HallidayAllison originally trained and worked for many years as a dental professional. When emigrating from her native UK to British Columbia several years ago, in a now-or-never moment she decided to turn a much-loved hobby of writing into a full-time occupation.

After completing a writing course at Stanford University, she picked up her keyboard and set to work. Nowadays much of her time is taken up writing and blogging about the effect of current affairs on real estate around the world. She shares home on beautiful Vancouver Island with her husband and several bears.

Donna Robinson

A 15 year seasoned real estate professional, Donna has extensive experience working with buyers and sellers as a licensed agent in the traditional real estate market. As a member of the Realty Biz News team Donna covers the latest US real estate and investment news.

She has worked as a consultant to investment companies, and is a recognized expert on residential real estate investing. Additionally, she has written for numerous real estate investing publications, authored 3 books on the topic of  real estate investing, and teaches a continuing education course titled “Fundamentals and Strategies of Real Estate Investing” a continued education credit approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. Donna also owns an investment company that specializes in identifying and funding residential real estate investment projects. She lives and works in metro Atlanta, GA.

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Brian Kline

Brian KlineAuthor bio: Brian Kline has been investing in real estate for more than 30 years and writing about real estate investing for seven years. He also draws upon 25 plus years of business experience including 12 years as a manager at Boeing Aircraft Company. Brian currently lives at Lake Cushman, Washington. A vacation destination, a few short miles from a national forest in the Olympic Mountains with the Pacific Ocean a couple of miles in the opposite direction.Joe Spake Twitter profile

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Lori Weaver

Lori Weaver is a Realty Biz News correspondent writer and a licensed real estate agent in Lexington, Ky. With over 25 years’ experience in communications and marketing across a number of business sectors, she provides content marketing, writing and social media services to a variety of B2B and B2C clients, with a focus on real estate, real estate investments and new construction. In her spare time, Lori enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.
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