Types of Heat Maps and How They Can Get You Conversions

Heat maps are ideal tools for representing data visually. This makes it easier to examine and analyse the content. Maps created out of excel data are the perfect way to marry the mass of numbers you have on a spreadsheet with the ability to quickly digest and comprehend what those numbers are saying to you. […]

Crescent Lenders Funds Purchase of $2.2 Million Condo

Crescent Lenders recently funded the purchase of a residential luxury townhome in Pasadena that was acquired for 2.2 Million Dollars. The term of the private money loan is for 60 months, but the buyer intends on refinancing the loan in 6 to 12 months time. The loan to value ratio was less than 40% and […]

Which Housing Markets Are Most at Risk From COVID-19

In less than two months, the coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns have dramatically impacted the housing market across the U.S. – even after many real estate agents pivoted to online showings.  Based on a recent analysis of more than 480 counties by ATTOM Data Solutions, many of those who are at the highest risk due to […]

6 Useful Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first house is a beautiful, yet a stressful experience. Not that it gets much easier with your second home, though. But, still, at least you know what you are up against. Well, I believe that first time home buyers should also know what they are up against, instead of simply throwing themselves in […]

Do You Need A Real Estate Agent To Buy Or Sell A Home?

Buying a house or selling the one you already own are both huge decisions. When you think about it closely, you will realize that those are the decisions that ultimately shape your future and completely change the way you have been living your life up until that moment. In addition to deciding that you want […]

How to sell your luxury property during the COVID-19 pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted the real estate market, making a lot of investors and potential sellers clueless on how to sell the property during such a challenging time. Fortunately, no matter the time of crisis, there is always somebody who is looking for a luxury property, especially when the prices are highly attractive. There […]

Can I Get Access to Online Loans No Credit Check Instant Approval

Needing money and not having access to that money is one of the most stressful situations you could be put through. If something comes up in your life and you need money to take care of the situation, you want to be able to handle the problem instead of pulling money from every nook and […]

How Managing Water Maintenance Protects The Home

Water damage can be one of the most troublesome problems in the home, yet also one of the most common. The costs of a water problem left untreated can be huge, with money management website How much estimating the average home will pay out $18.22 per square foot of damage – that’s nearly $1500 for the […]

Change Homes: Key Reasons to Sell Your Home in 2020

Ask anyone and they’ll quickly tell you 2020 isn’t the year they signed up for. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the global economy to the cleaners. Millions have lost jobs and businesses are shutting down. While we hope for the best, the signs aren’t very promising. As a homeowner, you probably know too well what an economic […]

Moving Abroad: How To Bring All Your Essentials To Your New Home

For many, moving abroad to start a new job or a new life can be an exciting time. There are so many new things to look forward to, so much change, and so many adventures await. There are a number of things to attend to such as paperwork, visa applications, money conversion, car shipping, contracts, […]