Link Building for Real Estate Brokers: 4 Tips for Getting Quality Links in 2020

Gaining visibility and generating new business is difficult in the competitive world of real estate. Creating and attempting to execute multiple marketing strategies can prove ineffective and wasteful if you are not utilizing the proper tools. Link building, the process of creating a link to your content through a third party site, is an incredibly […]

Tips To Sell Your House In Virginia This Fall

Thousands of homeowners put up with the frustration of living in an unwanted property simply because they are afraid of going through the rigorous process of a house sale. They are often scared of the daunting task of completing complex and seemingly unending paper works or falling into the hands of fraudulent realtors. However, if […]

Things to Check When Buying a House in North Iowa

Getting a new home anywhere in this world is not an easy task. Realty in North Iowa and any other place requires that you take a lot of factors into consideration before purchasing a home. It is crucial that you look into some key factors before investing in a building that you and your family […]

Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents: 5 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Videos Look Like ‘MTV Cribs’

We all remember those extravagant houses we used to dream about on “MTV Cribs.” How cool would it be to have potential homebuyers swoon over your own show houses as well? You can definitely bring that fantasy to life! Here are five ways to make your real estate videos look like “MTV Cribs.” 1. Live […]

Effective Marketing Tips To Help Realtors Stand Out Against The Competition

5.34 million homes were sold in 2019, US News reports. Realtors need to work hard to stand out in this thriving yet ever-competitive industry. By implementing proven online marketing strategies like strong web design, offering freebies, and creating a mobile app, you can effectively attract more clients and win their business.  Clear web design Good web design is […]

Interior Design Styles in New American Homes by Region

Although the interior design profession is set for many changes over the next decade as a result of advancing technology, one of the things that will likely remain the same is the dominant interior design styles found in different regions across the country. Since interior design trends do not exist inside a vacuum, it’s a given that different regions […]

Will An Electric Fireplace Make Your Home More Attractive To Buyers?

According to a 2013 survey conducted by, 40% of home buyers were ready to pay an extra cost of $1,400 for at least one fireplace. The percentage of buyers who want the feature is probably higher by now, so if you are looking to sell your home, I bet you should consider adding a […]

Improving the Yard Before a Sale: It’s Worth It

As any savvy seller or realtor knows, home improvements don’t always pay off. However, lawn work is always worth your while because it boosts curb appeal. Plus, if a buyer can look at your yard and imagine their kids running around the grass or hosting lawn parties, you’ve successfully added workable space beyond your house’s […]

How to Design Your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep

If you are getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night, then you are spending a third of your life in bed. If you aren’t getting that much sleep regularly, you probably spend longer in your bedroom, lying awake trying to get that good night of rest. There are many things that might be […]

Does a strong dollar mean a strong real estate market?

When the dollar value goes up it has a significant impact on major markets and especially the real estate market. A strong dollar means that the prices in various countries go up, and if it is weak, then the prices go down.  It is very hard to say whether a strong dollar is good for […]