Pros and Cons of Buying a House During COVID

Image Source: Pixabay. Yes, covid-19 is still at large, and yes, there are still people dying, but does that really mean that you should put your house-hunting plans on hold? Sure, most businesses have been put on hold, and the virus can be passed down from one person to another with these oh, but it’s […]

How To Find A List Of Non-Disclosure States

Real estate purchases and investments are major life accomplishments. Hence, real estate buyers and investors must ensure that they’re bagging the best deal with real estate professionals’ help. Real estate professionals like agents, consultants, and appraisers assist property buyers during the buying process. For real estate agents to provide exceptional advice and assistance, they’ll need […]

6 Big Property Opportunities for 2021

2020 has been a tumultuous year, and this has significantly affected the real estate market. With 2021 fast approaching, the housing market remains in a tricky situation because of the massive unemployment and shelter-in-place orders due to the effects of COVID-19. However, the success of a COVID-19 vaccine may help provide a semblance of normalcy […]

Why is building trust with clients essential and how can the right insurance help?

One of the most important markets to the US economy is real estate. The sector was reported to have hit a net worth of over $30trn this year to date, which shows how key it is to the nation’s financial health. As US homes continue to sell above list price in 2020, it is clear […]

Bay vs Bow Windows: Which One Should You Get?

The demand for window replacement units exceeds 56 million units. The process yields a high 70% return on investment rate. One of the most important steps in replacing your windows is deciding which type to replace them with. There are several options available today and choosing between them can be difficult. Bay and bow windows […]

5 Relevant Factors To Consider in Real Estate Investing

All of us invest in something. Technically, investing means expanding your money, time, and effort on something with an expectation of a profit, return, or benefit. It depends on what kind of benefit you would like to receive. For instance, you may invest in your children’s lives because you gain something beneficial from it, like […]

3 Signs of a Bad Home Security Company

Protecting your family and your house is important. Your home is supposed to be a safe place for you and your loved ones. That’s why you’re now interested in investing in an alarm system. It’s one way to make your sanctuary safer. But there are so many companies that offer all sorts of home security […]

Cost-Effective Storage Solutions for Frugal Homeowners

You’d be hard-pressed to find a modern-day home that doesn’t have its fair share of clutter. From old clothes to outdated electronics to unused furniture, there’s ample clutter to be found in virtually every residence. However, when clutter becomes excessive, it can make certain areas of one’s home feel cramped, uninviting and difficult to navigate. […]

2020 Updated Tips for Beginner Real Estate Investors

If investing was a straightforward task, the world markets would be flooded with countless Warren Buffets making their mark every day. One of the most sensationalized investment avenues in our time is real estate but do not be fooled; it just ain’t for everyone! Real estate is an investment niche in which those who excel […]

5 Reasons to Install a Smart Thermostat This Winter

Photo Courtesy of The world of technology has brought many benefits to homeowners. From high-tech security systems that protect your home to smart thermostats that can learn your patterns and anticipate your heating and cooling needs, innovative technology helps you run your home more efficiently. The drive to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, saving energy […]