Converting Prospects to Buyers with Conversational AI for Real Estate

Turning browsers into buyers is the ultimate sales goal. A competent salesperson can strike up a conversation with a passer-by and, armed with nothing more than good cheer and convincing patter, conjure a deal out of thin air. This is true of the property industry too, with real estate agents often earning a 5-6% commission […]

12 Tips on Storm-Proofing Homes for New Owners

The weather in the US has reached a point where it’s completely unpredictable, and you never know when your area will get hit by heavy storms. Even if you have a home insurance cover, you must still prepare for the worst because who wants to start afresh after a storm? Storm-proofing homes are essential whether […]

How To Check Your Home For Damages Before Selling It?

Every old and used home has its quirks. You might get used to the fact that the living room electrical outlet isn’t working for years, or that a drainage system is partially clogged and needs to be cleaned out. These are some small things everyone can live with, so you’d expect new buyers to just […]

How to Find out How Much Real Property a Person Owns

To begin with, why would you want to find out? Let’s say you have your eye on a property that’s alongside the road you take to work. It’s almost completely dilapidated, but it will be beautiful once you fix it up, and you’ll have plenty of funds to do that if you buy it for […]

How to Create the Perfect Virtual Tour for Remote Viewings

Virtual property tours were on the rise even before the start of the pandemic. But since the beginning of lockdowns, they have become the new norm.  People are now happy to commit to a property without an in-person tour. Recent statistics show that 70% of renters make their decision based on a remote viewing alone. […]

Make Eco-Friendly Upgrades to Sell Your Denver Property Fast

Do you want your home to read “green real estate for sale” when you put it on the market? If so, going green now is a must. There is no question that Denver is an eco-conscious city, and if you want to appeal to the pool of buyers here, you have to take steps in […]

6 Tips To Sell A House Fast In Indianapolis IN

Selling a house in Indianapolis, IN, and anywhere else in the world isn’t an easy feat. The real estate market is diverse, which means that you’ll have to compete with a myriad of individuals and businesses, including the ones who’ve been selling properties for decades. Selling a house will also require you to research and […]

Skills and Requirements You Need to Become a Real Estate Agent in 2020

All over the world, thousands of reality TV shows extol the art of selling real estate. From the Million Dollar Listing to Flip or Flop to The Stagers…the media houses have turned ‘selling property’ into such a glamorous profession. No wonder a growing number of people are looking to become real estate agents. However, there […]

How Property Managers are Adjusting to the “New Normal”

2020 has been a tough year for property owners and managers. The pandemic has eviscerated commercial rentals with bars, restaurants, and stores forced to close to slow the spread of the virus.  The year has also been tough on the residential sector. Yes, eviction moratoriums were also necessary as millions lost their jobs. But little […]

Metal Home Construction: Where You Should Use Metals In Your Home

Metals are lustrous, ductile, malleable materials that are good conductors of heat, electricity, and high reflectivity of light. Metallic materials are excellent and reliable in home construction because of their durability and strength to form structural components, pipework, cladding materials, and other features.  While building a dream home, many people are usually unaware of the […]