4 Things You Need to Do for Success on Instagram

You’ve probably already seen how beneficial Instagram can be for realtors. After all, a visually-oriented social media platform with over one billion active users per month sounds like the perfect place for real estate marketing. The big problem, however, is that simply being present on Instagram isn’t enough. Each social media platform has a different […]

Rent or Buy? These Simple Questions Will Help You Decide

It’s always hard to choose between buying and renting. Last year’s housing market will tell you that it’s better to rent than buy. CNBC reports that rising housing prices and mortgage rates have made it cheaper to rent a home than to buy a brand new one. But then again, buying has its own perks as homes […]

9 Tips to Protect Yourself in Open House Injury Liability

There are always chances that an accident can happen when you open your house. If someone gets injured on your property, he may get angry and sue you. If you are opening your house, you may be interested in knowing how you can protect yourself in case someone sues you. The following are 9 tips […]

3 Commercial Real Estate SEO Tips to Drive More Traffic, Leads, and Sales

   The High Tech Commercial Real Estate Agent Do you ever wonder how easy the commercial real estate business would be if you could sit behind a desk and leads would casually contact you via web, phone call, or messaging? Gone are the days of door-knocking, cold calling and sending out mailers, so read on. […]

U.S. Home Equity Trends are Revealing

Have you ever wondered how many people in the U.S. own their own homes? More specifically, what is the average amount of equity people have in the homes they own? A glance at the U.S. statistics for home ownership rates and related data can be a real eye-opener. Where Do You Fit in the Following […]

Tips To Inspect A Property Before Purchasing

Purchasing a home is always going to be one of your major investments. At least once in your lifetime, you will have to go through the process of buying real estate. The price of real estate property is continuously on the rise, as it already carries with it quite a hefty price tag. Hence, as […]

The Rise of Solar-Powered Homes in Utah

According to Elon Musk, the energy needs of the entire United States could be provided by covering a part of Utah with solar panels. Solar panels have indeed come a long way — both in the advancement of the technology and the reduction of costs. But is solar power truly a viable option in Utah, […]

High-Tech House Makeover Suggestions for Shoestring Budgets

A list of suggested tech innovations that can turn your home into a high-tech smart abode on a shoestring budget. This is PropTech homeowners must have.

Key Millennial Real Estate Trends

With the millennial generation having a huge impact when it comes to the workforce, retail, technology and more, it’s no wonder that younger buyers are also currently making their presence felt in the real estate arena, too. In fact, they’re one of the biggest markets now and realtors, property managers and homeowners and landlords alike […]

4 Expert Tips for Making Your Move to the Big City Painless

For those who are big-city bound, here are some expert tips on how to maintain your sanity before, during, and after your moving experience.