KBNJ Consulting, Inc., Interview with Tom Jakobek

Tom Jakobek learned efficient project management through his experience working in both the public and private sectors.  Before founding KBNJ Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm for Canadian construction projects, he spent more than 20 years managing big budgets and complex infrastructure projects for the City of Toronto, Toronto East General Hospital, and his own property […]

Using Technology to Recover Rental Debt

One nightmare situation for any landlord or letting agent is where a tenant falls heavily behind with rent payments, leaving a huge rental debt outstanding. Worse still, if the tenant then decides to throw caution to the wind and skip town without paying, the landlord is in an even more stressful situation. Many landlords and […]

Why Real Estate Photography is Important

We’ve all been there, browsing around on the internet looking at homes that are posted for sale online. It always seems like the pictures are just stunning, right? Nothing brings in potential buyers more than high-quality pictures that just make that home pop off the page. That’s what real estate photography can do, a total enhancement […]

The world’s most expensive sports arenas

Alt: Wembley Stadium Title: Wembley Stadium Source: Flickr.com It is always more pleasant to watch sporting events at the stadium. That’s where you can get a powerful charge of emotion and watch the athletes’ skills live. Nowadays, billions of dollars are invested in the construction of sports facilities. In this article, Telecomasia.net will talk about […]

4 Bookkeeping Tips for Real Estate Investors

The prospect of investing in real estate and growing your property portfolio is certainly exciting, but what many don’t realize is that property investment is much more difficult than one might expect. While managing and owning your own property portfolio can reap financial rewards, it is very much like running a business. Just like with […]

5 Tips For Preparing A House For Sale

Are you in the process of selling your house?  If the answer is yes, then, most likely, you know it involves significant work. When you list your home, it entails house viewings, appraisals, and client negotiations, aside from the fact that you also need to maintain the place’s cleanliness. However, many are still wondering, if […]

Why the Utah Housing Market is Ripe for Discovery

Known for its incredible outdoor life, top-rated ski resorts, and national parks, the state of Utah is a landscape of contrasts between mountains and desert. As one of the top five best states to live in according to the US News and World Report due to its economy, infrastructure, and fiscal stability, Utah’s housing sector […]

5 Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

There are not many things quite as stressful as moving into a new home. First, you have to deal with the physical hassle of packing and moving, and then learn your way around your new neighborhood. This can be a lot for someone who has a day job and other daily activities to take care […]

What to Do When You Smell Gas in Your House

You walk into your home and smell a distinct gas-like odor. What do you do? The following information will direct you in the correct steps to take to ensure the safety of your family and home in the event of a possible gas leak. Immediately Evacuate If you smell a gas odor, your first step […]

Common Mistakes People Make When Applying for a Mortgage

Today, most homeowners still acquire properties through a mortgage loan. Studies show that over three-quarters of home purchase applications are approved. That leaves around 25% faulty and erroneous ones.  The good news is that you can avoid most of the mistakes people make when applying for a mortgage. Being aware of missteps can not only improve your […]