Zillow: Rent growth hits 10-month high

Rent prices grew at their fastest rate in 10 months in February, reaching 2.4 percent year-over-year appreciation, according to the February Zillow Real Estate Market Report. The U.S. median monthly rent was $1,472 in February, up from $1,438 a year earlier. This translates to more than $400 in additional yearly expenses for the typical renter. […]

Lawmakers move to improve military housing standards

Complaints about the poor condition of privatized housing on many U.S. military bases have led to a response from lawmakers. Now, the U.S. House and Senate have introduced new bipartisan legislation that aims to provide more safeguards for military members and their families living in inadequate housing. The Ensuring Safe Housing for our Military Act […]

Fannie and Freddie automate mortgage applications for self-employed workers

Self-employed and freelance workers should find it easier to apply for a mortgage thanks to a newly automated system created by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Previously, many self-employed and freelance workers have struggled to qualify for a mortgage, as they need to provide a ton of additional paperwork to prove their incomes. The process […]

Zillow: Experts say prevention, not relief, is the cure to fix natural disasters

With the growing threat of climate change and natural disasters to communities across the United States, economists and real estate experts favor funding for preventative measures and construction regulations over the government providing or requiring insurance. That was a key finding of Zillow’s first quarter Home Price Expectations Survey. It asked more than 100 real […]

Complaints about military housing continue to grow

Complaints have been growing about the dire condition of homes on US military bases, following an investigation last year by Reuters that highlighted issues such as lead poisoning, mold and poor construction. In a follow up report, NBC News says that few improvements have been made, but that the number of complaints has increased and […]

Townhouse segment grows amid demand for entry-level homes

The construction of townhomes outperformed that of other building types into 2018, introducing more entry-level housing inventory to the market, according to the National Association of Homebuilders. What’s more, despite a slight downturn in townhome construction towards the end of the year, the NAHB says the sector will expand further in 2019 as demand from […]

Water damage is a growing problem in older homes

Flooding is becoming a major problem in older homes, but not because of inclement weather conditions. Instead, faulty pipes and valves, worn out hoses in washing machines, and poorly maintained connections to appliances that use water are to blame, according to the Wall Street Journal. As a result, there’s been a big increase in extensive […]

Homeowners saw big equity gains in 2018

Homeowners saw yet another increase in home equity in the fourth quarter of 2018, with rising home prices helping to boost their profits. According to CoreLogic’s latest Home Equity Report published last week, U.S. homeowners with a mortgage saw equity gains of 8.1 percent year over year. The average homeowner saw gains of $9,000 in […]

Buyers gain more power on the West coast

Limited inventory and rapid price appreciation have kept sellers firmly in the driver’s seat for several years as the United States recovered from the housing market collapse. But now, buyers are gaining more negotiating power as the housing market slows, especially in some of the nation’s hottest markets. In 20 of the 35 largest metros, […]

Most Americans say homeownership is key to achieving the American Dream

A survey of more than 2,000 consumers published by Bankrate.com this week reveals that 79 percent of Americans still believe owning a home is a vital part of achieving the “American Dream”. In fact, most Americans place homeownership ahead of other important life milestones, such as retirement (68 percent), enjoying a successful career (63 percent), […]