We Want Our Luxist Back: Luxist to Style-less, Analysis of a Suicide in Rebranding

Those with a taste for luxury in real estate might remember Luxist, what used to be an extremely popular online hub for everything upscale. The site became successful covering “real estate, trends in travel, the art world, shopping, fashion, gourmet food, wine and the spending habits of the rich and famous,” and had a very loyal following. Then came a maybe not so brilliant re-branding campaign, and the Perez Hilton look plus thunder thigh celebrity photos (see below).

What to Do With Bug Ugly Real Estate Sites: Part I

Anyone would think massively successful real estate entities on the web could afford the very best digital engagement. And they can, they just somehow don’t see fit to offer gripping aesthetics, a real conversation, and true value to visitors – at least not their best efforts. This begs the question; “Should Google factor in aesthetics and social media engagement where relevance is concerned?” Maybe Google + will?

AOL Real Estate Gets A New Engine

Move Inc. is now the horsepower for AOL Real Estate search, but is this a win for the home buyer or owner in need of real estate results? In a move akin to the Yahoo-Zillow one of last year, AOL and Move Inc. consolidate forces, but to what end?

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