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How Effective Are Real Estate Apps in 2022?

By Beni Restea | June 21, 2022

Access to real estate information can be a nuisance even in the 21st century. Suppose you're a homeowner selling your property or wish to expand your investment portfolio. In that case, you'll have to double-check every source of information and online or offline real estate marketing agencies. Not that options are scarce, but the abundance of real estate apps, listings, specialized websites, paid ads, and real estate agencies make it difficult to select one and go with it. 

At the same time, realtors can also use a helping hand or, in our case, an online effective marketing tool to feature their listings and target an even greater audience. What's stopping you from up your online listings and streamlining your activities? Give these genuine marketing weapons a chance! So, what exactly do real estate applications imply?

What are real estate applications?

Have you ever fantasized about buying a new home in your neighborhood or any other place? With real estate apps, you can do it fast and effortlessly. Applications are computer software designed to assist the online user in completing various tasks. In our case, downloadable applications are one of the best marketing tools to help a realtor

They feature many properties a buyer can choose from. Pick a region and keep on browsing! Realtors can also upload the properties they represent. And voila, house-hunters can scroll down through plenty of available houses, townhomes, condos, lands, and lots.

In addition, some apps have been designed to help agents list a property more appealingly, such as virtually staging a vacant or not adequately prepared house. 

The most competent real estate apps on the market

Let's look at the most widely known and used apps, aiding housing agents and clients alike.

Homesnap and Bigger Pockets come highly recommended.

For the best home searches and results, check out Homesnap! The app in functionality and design shows resemblances with Facebook and Instagram. Its refined visual style makes it straightforward to use. Imagine observing a property for sale in an area, but you don’t know the precise address. First, you can simply point your phone to the house. Then, the app will recognize and display all the public information posted on it, such as its value, size, location, amenities, etc.

One of the most beloved apps is Bigger Pockets. The app boasts plenty of learning opportunities to learn how to buy a home, boost a property’s value, and increase investment returns. It showcases a pretty comprehensive list of valuable tools and resources for any real estate agent. In their “arsenal,” users can find podcasts, forums, guides, and even eBooks.

Explore apps for listing real estate!

We can include the upcoming apps in the same category designed for sellers and buyers: Zillow, Redfin, Houzz, and Premier Agent. These feature properties using high-resolution photos, high-quality videos, and unique content. Most of them can supply additional information on foreclosure data (if it’s the case) and customizable search filters. 

Secondly, operators and realtors update their MLS news regularly, giving you access to the most topical housing options. Extra features are free-home tours (some even offer 3D tours) and pre-approval assistance. Trulia provides users with an affordability and mortgage calculator and covers the local school ratings, crime rates, and entertainment venues.

Locate your estate and its surroundings on Google Earth!

Who would’ve thought that Google Earth could be useful for so many things? The app can present the home’s immediate surroundings you intend to buy. Also, you can explore the region’s geographic features, hills, forests, and fields. This app also comes in handy when you want to investigate development plans in the area or if there’s a waste depository near you.

Find out the applications’ disadvantages!

One would conclude that such an abundance of online tools and the so-called iBuyers in real estate have completely annulled human agency’s necessity. However, the reality is far from it! Online platforms enabling users to sell and buy properties online can never replace flesh-and-blood housing agents. For instance, iBuyers, though seemingly operating fast and efficiently, offer significantly less revenue for home sellers.  

In this cold, indirect, and impersonal approach, those interested in real estate should not raise their hopes high. No machine or app can oust the skilled expertise represented by real estate agents. When a house-seeker wishes to buy a home, a realtor can step up and provide them with a list of customized properties listed on the market. Additionally, agents can draw their clients’ attention to a particular purchase’s drawbacks and advantages. Moreover, they can inform their clients about a concise picture, namely the local market trends. They can establish a rough estimate based on comps for property values.

Digital platforms lack proper customer support. If they answer your requests, the feedback is almost always distant and sounds inhuman. In stark contrast with this, real estate agents can assist you in virtually any issue on selling or purchasing a home. You can turn to them with problems, such as home finances, mortgages, mandatory renovation before home appraisals and evaluation, and interior and exterior design. And last but not least, they can recommend professional help from private contractors and handy people.

A viable alternative for applications: real estate directories

The official Real Estate Agent Directory offers an efficient alternative for applications. In a nutshell, you can’t afford to be missing from real estate directories if you wish to target many online users. comes to your help! Since owning a real estate website won’t suffice, a proficient directory should be your best bet. You won’t have to explore anywhere else since the directory provides all subscribers with essential real estate marketing ideas for 2022! 

Besides, this directory can engage more potential clients compared to other applications! Numbers and stats don’t lie. Agents’ profile views in 2021 were up in the sky with 650k. The site recorded 21 million impressions last year. In addition, sites attained 90 percent organic traffic, and 81.5 percent of monthly traffic came from the United States!

What can the Real Estate Agent Directory do for you?

Are you still not convinced? How about we walk you through its powerful perks? A catchy and easy-to-find domain name for your site? Check! The directory can help you obtain exceptional and reliable leads. Once you become a member, your profile and listings will receive national coverage.

Buyers and sellers all across the nation choose this directory! Top-ranked marketing SEO specialists will work around the clock to improve your website’s and profile’s traffic. If you opt for their cooperation, you can perfect your site’s layout with out-of-the-box features! Are you looking for a custom template that will separate you from the rest of the realtors? Problem solved! 

They recommend adding a personal bio to achieve a more intimate relationship with your site’s viewers. Why don’t you use a custom-made logo and boost your brand? Are you active on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Link your social media profiles to your representative website in seconds! And these are merely some advantages the Real estate Agent directory can surprise you with. Sign up today! Let the directory obtain you more outstanding brand recognition and increase the number of your leads. Boost your sales!


In our modern digital world, apps designed for real estate agents, buyers, and sellers offer a quick solution to access news quickly. Undoubtedly, they provide a way to fasten sales. Still, in our opinion, they can’t compete against the human factor, aka real estate agents. Their market know-how is way too complex to be efficiently reproduced by any software. For this reason, we recommend property buyers and sellers consult with undependable realtors first. 

After all, they can provide clients with housing market explanations, deal negotiations, ideas on lucrative investment opportunities, and contracts. They have everything that belongs to the convoluted real estate finances at their finger’s ends.

Beni is very passionate about real estate, finance and traveling, which is the motivating force behind the inspiring topics he writes about for
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