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How is IoT changing smart home technology?

By Ben Shepardson | September 21, 2023
Challenges: While the IoT has brought numerous advantages to smart home technology, it's essential to be aware of challenges like privacy concerns, potential security vulnerabilities, and the need for standardization to ensure seamless interoperability between devices from different manufacturers. Will IoT lower the cost of smart homeowners over time The impact of IoT on the […]
Marketing Insider

What is the best HTML Editor for my real estate website?

By Ben Shepardson | September 19, 2023
The real estate market has always been competitive, but with the increasing reliance on online platforms to showcase properties, it's more crucial than ever to have a top-notch website. A significant component of crafting a professional and functional website is selecting the right HTML editor. So, what's the best choice for your real estate website? […]
Real Estate Technology

The integration of technology in real estate

By Ben Shepardson | September 18, 2023
The integration of technology in the real estate sector, often referred to as "PropTech" (Property Technology), represents a profound shift in how real estate is bought, sold, and managed. The infusion of technology has streamlined processes, improved efficiencies, and enhanced user experiences across multiple facets of the industry. Here are some key areas in which […]
Marketing Insider

How to Maximize Bing Local Search for Real Estate

By Ben Shepardson | September 15, 2023
With the constant evolution of the digital landscape, local search has emerged as an indispensable tool for businesses, including real estate. While Google remains the go-to for most users, Bing, Microsoft's search engine, has its unique strengths and offers an excellent opportunity for real estate professionals to widen their net. Below, we delve into how […]

Meta the perfect platform for real estate agents

By Ben Shepardson | September 14, 2023
Creating the "perfect" platform for real estate agents, like "Meta", would require a combination of state-of-the-art technology, user experience, real-time data, and engagement tools tailored specifically for the needs and challenges faced by real estate professionals. While perfection is subjective, here's a blueprint to create a platform that could be perceived as near-perfect by many: […]
Technology Insider

Geospatial Commission Report: How Location Data Can Unlock Greater Value in the Property Sector

By Ben Shepardson | September 5, 2023
Research into how technology can improve and enrich the real estate profession is ever-ongoing. Now, a new report by the UK-based Geospatial Commission has identified a number of opportunities to unlock greater value across the property ecosystem through location data, technologies, and services. The report, titled "Location Data in the Property Sector: Unlocking Value for […]
Smart Home Tech

How Smart Security Cameras Can Increase Home Sale Price

By Ben Shepardson | August 24, 2023
Smart security cameras are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. They offer a variety of benefits, including peace of mind, security, and convenience. But did you know that smart security cameras can also improve the sale price of your home? It’s true - properties with smart security cameras are much more attractive to buyers […]
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