Real Estate Social Media Lesson One: Courtesy @Homes Boston

Don’t you love it when your points are illustrated by others? So much is professed where the value of online discussion is concerned, online marketing, social media ROI, and just where the real estate pro fits into the equation. The “end all” proof of digital marketing channels for your Realty endeavors though, is actually resident in but one facet of communicative value – reciprocity. A nice group on Twitter, Homes Boston on Twitter, just helped me prove so. Bear with me, I’ll explain.

Boston Real Estate – A Failed Online Tea Party

Today, Boston’s real estate community comes under scrutiny were digital branding is concerned. RealtyBizNews continues examining America’s property businesses and their effort to engage clients via the Internet. Will “bean town” measure up? Let’s take a look inside this famous Massachusetts city’s realty community.

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