Why Boston Is a New High Tech Hub

Boston has a storied place in American history, and that’s understandable given that the city is nearly 400 years old. Yet Boston has become a high tech hub rivaling Silicon Valley, and it is even managing to attract satellite offices for Silicon Valley and ecommerce firms. There are several reasons for this, and we’ll address

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Boston Real Estate – A Failed Online Tea Party

Today, Boston’s real estate community comes under scrutiny were digital branding is concerned. RealtyBizNews continues examining America’s property businesses and their effort to engage clients via the Internet. Will “bean town” measure up? Let’s take a look inside this famous Massachusetts city’s realty community.

Boston Real Estate Announcments

In news from the Boston real estate market, Plymouth Holdings Ltd., has reportedly nearly reached the half way mark for their fund-raising effort to get $3.6 million from investors. The disclosure was made in a filing published by the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday.

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