A Luxurious Wilderness Wonder at Abrau-Durso

RealtyBizNews is always delighted to present property gems discovered, and especially where stunning nature and brilliant architecture meet. Welcome to wonders in a Russian paradise at Abrau-Djurso, in Kradnodar.

Russia Anti-corruption Head Scoffs at Property Non-disclosure Rumors

Allegations of undisclosed property against the head of the Russian Parliament’s Anti-corruption committee were dismissed by Irina Yarovaya today according to Reuters.

Ernst & Young Report Points to Russia Real Estate

With many world real estate markets stagnant or worse, news that Ernst & Young has a report out showing Russia property being more attractive for investors than Europe proper, this is fascinating and disturbing news all at once. Outdistancing the stigma of a cold and mysterious place on Earth, Russia’s potential may finally be shining through.

Idinaidi Gets Funding Round for Russia Real Estate Moves Online

In tech news from Russia, the Federation’s fastest growing real estate portal, Idinaidi.ru, has just announced having received venture funding. The Sorren Media, along with Camco Private Equity Group, were named in the startup’s release. For an early stage startup, there’s a lot to be said for this one’s chances.

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