CREC Brokers Sale of Florida Condos for $5.22 million

Continental Real Estate Companies (CREC) recently sold 79 units of the Caribbean Isles Villas Condominium in Homestead, Florida for $5.22 million.  With this sale, CREC sold 30 percent of the property’s 252 units. The condo units cover a total area of 96,000 square feet, averaging 1,200 square feet in two and three bedrooms condos. The property

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$1,000 Worth of Booze To Sweeten The Deal

Struggling to sell her home, mainly because all the properties in her neighborhood looked the same, Melanie Gravdal decided to she needed to take drastic action to make her home stand out to prospective buyers, reports MSNBC. Naturally of course, she thought that it might be a nice idea to “sweeten the deal” with a

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Lease Options to the Rescue

When sellers give up hope of ever getting their money out of a property, getting them to list a property can be almost impossible. The same is true for marginal buyers who cannot pass stringent credit or down payment stipulations. A lease option agreement is one possible way for the two ends to meet. Putting buyer and seller into a lease option is another task a qualified Realtor can excel at.

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