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How to Close a Sandwich Lease Option

By Brian Kline | December 19, 2016
For investors, the sandwich lease option remains a great way to control a property for a profit with very little money of your own money in the deal but it can be a little difficult to close the transaction.
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Lease Option Purchase a Multifamily Property

By Brian Kline | October 21, 2015
An overlooked investment strategy is seeking out lease option purchase agreements for multifamily properties. This can be a very good way to grow your investment portfolio for a small cash investment. Why a Landlord Wants to Lease Option a Multifamily Property These are small three to four unit properties that are still considered residential properties […]
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Lease Options - Low Cost / Low Risk Investing

By Guest Author | July 17, 2013
For beginners and experienced investors alike, lease option investing is one of the lowest cost and lowest risk ways of investing. There are several versions of lease option investing. Here I deal with what is known as the sandwich lease option.
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Are We Entering A New Era Of Creative Financing?

By Donna S. Robinson | September 5, 2012
Those of you old enough to remember the high interest rates of the late 1970's, which lasted throughout the 1980's, may recall that quite a few real estate gurus made their name during this period with books on creative financing strategies for buying real estate.
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Financing Your Next Home Purchase Without Credit or Qualifying - Part 3

By Donna S. Robinson | August 27, 2012
Read part three of our multi-series exploring new and creative ideas for financing your home purchase, that could get you out of a spot even if you've recently been through a foreclosure or short sale.
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Five Ways to Get Ahead in Real Estate Investing

By Daniel Doran | June 4, 2012
There are many methods for acquiring wealth in the world today. One of the most easily accessible ways, even for the new investor, is real estate investing. Many people have made millions of dollars by investing in the real estate market in one form or another.
Commercial Real Estate, US Real Estate

Leasing Commercial: The Growing Trend

By Phil Butler | December 20, 2011
The last three or four years have witnessed unprecidented foreclosures, homeowners underwater, a need for rental properties that may well be the next real estate bubble. Residential properties seem on the upswing, that's for sure. But what about the commercial end of the market? A home is one thing, businesses needing growing space, that's quite another.
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