Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Belize Real Estate in 2019

When most people think of paradise it’s usually sunny and warm year-round, crystal blue waters, pristine beaches, stress-free tranquility. Often there’s an icy margarita in there somewhere too. And while different people imagine different versions of nirvana, there’s usually one common thread in trying to take those dreams from fantasy to reality.   Can I find

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Who’s Using g+ for Realty for Big Pluses?

As we have shown, not so many real estate agencies have much of a presence on the web. At least, that is, not much of an effective one. With Google + emerging as the most powerful social network of late, we will continue to take a look at professionals there, for a glimpse at online visibility success, if nothing else. For some super examples of big business engagements, check out Kristi Hines’ post on G+ pages, for closer to home Realtors, read on.

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