Foresite and Lilt partner to break down construction industry communication barriers

The construction-focused SaaS company Foresite Technology Solutions said today it’s partnering with the global experience platform Lilt to integrate multilingual content within its platform.

Foresite aims to eliminate safety issues for construction workers that stem from communication errors and language barriers, it said in a press release. It points to a 2019 study by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, which shows that 42% of construction industry employers in the U.S. “rely heavily on employees for whom English is a second or third language.”

Foresite said that by incorporating multilingual content into its platform, it can help these employees to understand safety hazards and boost their skills, increasing their productivity.

“From the start, we envisioned Foresite as the open platform of choice, connecting strategic partners to drive innovation for our customers,” said Foresite founder and CEO John Gillet. “Our partnership with Lilt highlights how we use leading technology partners, such as Lilt, to improve the construction industry labor force with multilingual upskilling content.”

Lilt offers a platform that combines the expertise of experienced linguists with AI to translate websites, product manuals, compliance materials, technical documentation and e-learning content, providing end-to-end multilingual support for global enterprises.

Lilt said that its automated, AI enabled technology is used by customers across the construction industry. It says it’s able to reduce the margin of error in communication services while enabling translators to maintain consistency.

“Foresite recognizes that the elimination of language barriers reduces risk, increases safety, and empowers employees,” said Lilt CEO Spence Green. “We started Lilt to increase access to opportunity for all, and we’re inspired to join Foresite in this important work for the construction industry.”

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