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Government Takeover Of The U.S. Mortgage Industry Is Almost Complete

By Donna S. Robinson | August 7, 2012
Since the housing melt-down in 2008, Government domination of the U.S. mortgage market has grown exponentially. Virtually all private investment capital has disappeared from the mortgage industry, meaning that anyone who depends on home sales for a living is facing the prospect of their economic future being controlled by a small group of government institutions
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AEI - How Government Policies Brought Down The Housing Market

By Donna S. Robinson | April 30, 2012
Since 2006, housing prices have fallen 30 to 40 percent in most areas; millions now owe more on their mortgages than their houses are worth, and millions more have only slivers of equity. The average homeowner today has 7 percent equity in his or her home, versus 45 percent as recently as 1990.
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Taxpayers On Hook As Government Insured Lending Spins Out Of Control

By Donna S. Robinson | March 24, 2012
Even as government agencies settle mortgage and foreclosure related lawsuits, the Dodd-Frank legislation takes effect and the nation grapples with the fallout from the largest credit crisis in U.S. history, the truth is we're no better off today than we were when this entire mess began to unravel back in 2007.
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American Enterprise Institute Says NAR Is Ignoring FHA Insolvency

By Donna S. Robinson | March 16, 2012
Created by congress during the great depression to help spur the housing market, FHA has become one of the most important institutions ever created to help fund mortgages for home buyers, especially for home buyers who want a home but have very little money to put down.
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Bulk Sales Of REO Properties From The Investors Perspective, (part 2)

By Donna S. Robinson | February 17, 2012
A continuation of Donna Robinson's interview with real estate broker and professional investor, Buddy Corbin, who discusses the likely benefits of the government's decision to allow bulk sales of REO properties to investors
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FED Says Atlanta, GA Prime Target For Converting REO's To Rentals

By Donna S. Robinson | January 11, 2012
A recent Federal Reserve report points out that Atlanta, GA is a prime candidate for a conversion program to turn those REO properties into rentals. The objective would be to cause rent rates to fall, while perhaps helping home prices increase or at least stabilize, for owner-occupant purchases.
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