The DC Housing Market: 7 of the Greatest Places to Invest

There are many great places in Washington, DC when it comes to investing in real estate. You can learn more about the DC housing market here. Washington DC is home to a lot of amazing things. From The White House to the Smithsonian Museums to countless restaurants, breweries, and entertainment venues, DC has it all.  […]

Tips for Today’s Landlords

It continues to be a great time for landlords. Monthly rents have been increasing for years, vacancies remain at historic lows, and a really big benefit for landlords is that the renters are paying down any loans you have on the property, while your equity continues appreciating every month. All is good! This makes now […]

Europe’s A/O PropTech Fund Makes Waves in VC World

A/O PropTech launched a month ago promising €250 million euro in “permanent capital” investment for disruptive proptech companies.

3 Must-Read Tips for Flipping Houses

House flipping is all the rage right now. It seems like every time you turn on the TV, there’s a different show about house flipping on. Since it’s become so popular, many average joes have taken on the task. However, a lot of people have gotten in over their heads after tackling a job of […]

What Are Different Types of Alternative Investments

Everyone wants to retire someday, and the best way to retire on time or early is to invest your money wisely. Thankfully, today there are thousands of different types of alternative investments out there. From rugs to gold, you can pick whatever you’re interested in today and turn it into an investment tomorrow! We’d like […]

Top Reasons Why People Invest in Real Estate

Did the recent big drop in the stock markets give you a financial scare again? Was it another reminder of how Wall Street has gobbled up big chunks of your retirement or investment savings in the past? Every time this happens, the numbers just disappeared off your financial statement. The fact that real estate is […]

Micro-investment firms aim to attract more investors to real estate

Many consumers have never been able to get into the real estate investing game simply because of the amount of capital required, but an emerging “micro-investing” trend is changing that, enabling a new wave of eager investors to get into the game with minimal sums of cash. In some cases, micro-investment opportunities exist for as […]

Lord of the Lawn: 5 Lawn Care and Landscaping Tips for Landlords

When you rent a property with an adjoining lawn, who is responsible for mowing it, you or your tenant? What about aerating, dethatching, and fertilizing it? What about landscaping for multi-family properties? What do you do when tenants want to put in a vegetable patch or flower garden? How can you minimize dog damage when […]

How Rental Properties Change the Math of Retirement Income

When your passive income from investments can cover your monthly living expenses, you reach financial independence. In other words, working becomes optional. While the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement has its share of critics, the simple fact is that anyone can retire early. It takes a high savings rate of course – you can’t […]

Real Estate Investing Without Landlord Turmoil

Being a landlord is a great way to invest in real estate but it comes with a lot of hands-on work that not everyone wants to deal with. One hassle is the so-called “plugged toilet in the middle of the night.” But there are several other simple ways you can invest in real estate without […]