2019 Year End Tax Savings Tips for Real Estate Investors

Don’t just think of tax time as a few weeks in April. Of course, you should work on tax savings all year long but the end of the year can have the most impact for investors, landlords, property owners, and vacation property owners. There are actions you want to take before December 31 that you’ll […]

Why Real Estate Investing has Great Benefits

Real estate market can be very lucrative if you choose to invest when the time is right. In order to know when the time is right, you need to closely follow the trends and tendencies on the market. Many market watchers observe the market many months before entering the real estate business. That is the […]

8 Dealbreakers When Buying a Fixer-Upper

The term ‘fixer-upper’ can be very random and vague but most of us know what it means when looking at real estate. Chances are this home needs quite a bit of TLC and if it just needs a few cosmetic issues cleared up, the listing agent probably would have stated it that way. But when […]

Investors are bracing themselves for a recession

As talk of a possible recession increasingly pops up, some investors are debating whether or not now is the time to downsize their real estate portfolios, according to an article by the Forbes Real Estate Council this week. “The first thing to realize is that a recession is always coming,” the article states. “Anyone who […]

5 Ways Women can move into Male dominated field of Real Estate Investing

Women need to know industry lingo, find a mentor and network to become savvy in the male-saturated field of real estate investing, says a leader at one of the country’s top female-owned real estate agencies. “Women are the key decision makers when buying their own home, but few move beyond a personal purchase and invest […]

Why Market Your Rental Property As Pet-Friendly?

Almost 70% of households in America have a pet – that’s 85 million families. Dogs and cats are the most popular choice, and for the majority of pet owners, their furry friends are considered true members of the family. However, for those renting a house, it may be difficult to not only find somewhere were pets are […]

Real Estate Investing Partnership Options and Considerations

As an investor, there are many ways to partner with others to put together deals and increase profits. The key components of any real estate investment are the seller, the buyer (investor), the property, the source of funds, and when you are flipping, the end buyer. As the buyer/investor, your role is pulling all of […]

PropTech1 Venture Firm Expands Adding London Office in the UK

The Berlin-based VC firm PropTech1 has now set up shop in London. The venture firm focused solely on real estate aims to partner with UK PropTech startups.

Optional Real Estate Investing via Tenant-In-Common

A sometimes forgotten structure for real estate ownership is Tenant-In-Common (TIC). This form of ownership is commonly used by unmarried couples buying a home together when the owners have different percentages of ownership. However, it certainly isn’t limited to unmarried couples. In many circumstances it can be the preferred way for two or more business […]

Fool-Proofing Your Real Estate Investment: 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid

An industry expert discussed 8 common real estate investment mistakes real estate investors make and how due diligence can mitigate loss.