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Can You Invest By Using A HELOC? How?

By Tammy Emineth | March 14, 2024
The idea of leveraging your assets to invest is pretty common. One of the recent methods that has gained attention is using a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) for investing. This is a strategy that involves borrowing against the equity of your home to fund investments. Is this wise or risky? Let's look into […]
fort worth major city tx
Real Estate Investing

Is Fort Worth a Good Place to Invest in Real Estate?

By Beni Restea | March 4, 2024
In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate investment, discerning where to channel resources for maximum return is a constant challenge. The quest leads many to consider vibrant cities with promising growth trajectories, and in this regard, Fort Worth, Texas, stands out as a particularly compelling option.  But amidst the plethora of choices, the question arises: […]
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Investing, Real Estate Investing

Smart Investing: The Advantages of Purchasing Before Selling

By Beni Restea | December 23, 2023
Navigating the real estate market requires strategic thinking and, often, the courage to deviate from conventional wisdom. Among the myriad strategies available to homebuyers, one that stands out for its unique approach is purchasing a new home before selling the existing one. This method, though unconventional, can be a game-changer under the right circumstances. The […]
Residential Real Estate Investing Trends for 2024
Real Estate Investing

The Flip Side: Residential Real Estate Investing Trends for 2024

By Mihaela Lica Butler | December 18, 2023
New Western released The Flip Side: Residential Real Estate Investing Trends for 2024, focusing on the sentiments of single-family real estate investors and the perceptions of first-time home buyers in the housing market.
Real Estate Investing

Tips for Maximizing Success in Real Estate Investing

By RealtyBiz News | December 3, 2023
While traditionally individuals leaned towards stock investments, recent trends reveal a growing interest among millennials in real estate investment. Enthusiastic investors have always favored real estate due to its numerous perks such as exceptional returns. However, investing in real estate is difficult like any other financial tool. From meticulously scrutinizing a property to tracking the […]
two friends buying with online credit
Rental Properties

A Complete Guide on the Rental Market for College Students

By Beni Restea | November 22, 2023
Embarking on your college years is an exciting new chapter. You'll make lifelong friends, expand your knowledge in a chosen field, and gain life skills that set you up for future success. But before hitting the books, every student faces one major hurdle - finding housing. Searching for the perfect rental can be overwhelming and […]
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Investing, Real Estate Investing

Navigating Real Estate Investments in a Correcting Housing Market

By Beni Restea | November 14, 2023
The housing market is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. It plays a crucial role in the economic health of a region. Corrections in the housing market rank among the key factors that significantly impact this industry. Understanding housing market corrections is essential for investors, policymakers, and homeowners alike. These corrections can impact financial stability and […]
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