Memphis Real Estate is on the Radar

A Wall Street Journal article rated Memphis as the number one city for investors buying and holding single-family homes. The study was based on data from the foreclosure tracking firm RealtyTrac. The rating is based on the annual rate of return investors are realizing by renting out a typical three-bedroom house. The average three bedroom […]

Visit Memphis For A Change

Memphis is a community where spring and fall go on and on and on. The average temperature in Memphis is 62 degrees and it has more sunny days than Miami, Florida. A favorite daytime tourist activity is a paddleboat cruise of the Mississippi shoreline. No visit to Memphis would be complete without spending a bit […]

Memphis Real Estate Falls Below National Average

Home prices in Memphis continue to rise steadily but remain a bargain compared to other metropolitan areas across the country. The National Association of Realtors reports that national median average home prices are up 8.2 percent from a year ago in 93 percent of major markets. The median average home price has climbed from $212,000 […]

Home Sales Volume Numbers Are Up For Memphis

The numbers vary slightly depending on whose report you read but overall the residential real estate market in Memphis continues increasing in sales volume. The National Association of Realtors (NRA) reports this spring’s national sales season has been the strongest since the economic melt down. All major regions across the country have seen increased sales […]

The Oldest Real Estate Firm in Memphis

Originally established in 1868, Marx-Bensdorf, REALTORS® is the oldest real estate firm in Bluff City. Today, the agency encompasses a diverse group of agents enabling it to offer services across the metropolitan area and beyond.

Memphis Real Estate Investing Facts

Memphis remains a hidden treasure when it comes to investing in real estate – both commercial and residential. Memphis is well known as the main distribution center not only for the southeast but as a world caliber distribution and transportation hub. This is due to the city’s unique geographical location that includes the second largest […]

Memphis Mortgages the Good, Bad, and Ugly Part Two

In this second article about mortgages in the Memphis area, we look at what others are experiencing when they apply for a mortgage. We’ll consider reviews by individuals regarding specific lenders. People in the Memphis area have posted these reviews on about personal experiences with loan officers and various lending institutions. The Good Bank […]

Memphis TN The Best Move of Your Life

Memphis is celebrated for its contributions to the civil rights movement, BBQ, the blues, and rock ‘n roll. There is something in Memphis for most everyone. Memphis is a city steeped in history and still making history today. It’s a land of promising musicians and artists. It’s the place the world journeys to pay tribute […]

Memphis Investment Group Takes It to The Next Level

If you’re a serious investor, you should have a big interest in Memphis real estate. And if you have an interest in Memphis real estate, you should be a member of the Memphis Investment Group (MIG)

International Investors Have an Eye on Memphis Real Estate

With purchase prices relatively low compared to local rents and purchase prices very low in Memphis compared to other foreign markets, foreign investors have been pouring into Memphis from New Zealand to Italy to China since 2011. Today the market remains strong. Some investors buy to have a second home with the security that the […]