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Real Estate Investing Strategies: Buy or Sell Subject-to The Existing Mortgage

By Donna S. Robinson | September 19, 2012
In recent years buying property subject-to the existing mortgage has not been a "mainstream" strategy for real estate investors. Even so, it is a perennial favorite with "no cash no credit" buyers who want to buy a home but cannot or do not wish qualify for a traditional mortgage loan.
Investing, US Real Estate

Are We Entering A New Era Of Creative Financing?

By Donna S. Robinson | September 5, 2012
Those of you old enough to remember the high interest rates of the late 1970's, which lasted throughout the 1980's, may recall that quite a few real estate gurus made their name during this period with books on creative financing strategies for buying real estate.
Mortgage, US Real Estate

Financing Your Next Home Purchase Without Credit Or Qualifying - Part 2

By Donna S. Robinson | August 23, 2012
Read part two of our multi-series exploring new and creative ideas for financing your home purchase, that could get you out of a spot even if you've recently been through a foreclosure or short sale.
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House For Sale - Using Creative Financing To Sell A Home That Won't Sell

By Donna S. Robinson | June 15, 2012
When my stepfather died back in 2007, he left my family with a rental house that he had owned for about 22 years. The tenants were an elderly couple that had once worked for my stepfather. They were paying $250 a month rent. He had given them a special deal on low rent as part […]
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Real Estate Money Basics - 10 Ideas For Financing a Home

By Donna S. Robinson | June 11, 2012
There are many different ways to find financing to buy a home. But most folks are only aware of just one or two options. Generally, financing for a home can be broken down into two major categories: "Traditional" and "Non-Traditional".
Investing, US Real Estate

How To Write "Subject-To" Offers

By Donna S. Robinson | February 8, 2012
A "subject-to" offer simply means that the buyer is willing to purchase a piece of property "subject-to" some specific circumstance. Usually that circumstance will be the sellers existing mortgage. It can also be a variety of other things, but in most cases it's always a bit of a gamble for the seller...
Mortgage, Real Estate, Real Estate Investing, Residential, US Real Estate

3 Creative Ways To Sell A Home That's Not Selling

By Donna S. Robinson | January 16, 2012
With mortgage credit still tight, and likely to remain that way for years to come, many sellers are finding it more challenging than ever to get their home sold. According to recent statistics compiled through surveys of real estate agents, roughly 33% of all real estate contracts are falling through due to problems with loan financing
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