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10 Benefits of Installing a Home Security System

By RealtyBiz News | March 23, 2013

You already know that protecting your home and your family are important, but you’re not positive that installing a home security system is the right option. Do they really prevent theft or are they just an unnecessary expense? Do they malfunction often, which can become a nuisance? What do they truly protect against, if anything? Explore these ten benefits of having a home security system installed to decide if it’s the right decision for you and your family.

Home security - courtesy © SeanPavonePhoto -

Home security - courtesy © SeanPavonePhoto -

1. Installation of a home security system is relatively easy, whether you choose to do it yourself or you have it professionally installed. If you want to spend a little extra money to have an installer come to your home, you can rest assured that if the system malfunctions in the future, the installer will return to check out and fix the problem.

2. Often, your home insurance company will give you a discount if you tell them you have a home security system. You may be able to save up to 20 percent on your insurance depending on your company and the type of alarm system you have.

3. Alarm systems can be installed in different places, including doors, ceilings, walls and even windows. If your home has limited space, you can probably still find the room for an alarm system.

4. If a burglar considers breaking into your home, they’re like to be deterred if they see that you have an alarm system. Alarm systems alert the alarm company to a break-in, and in turn the police are notified. When your alarm system is installed, you can opt to have a sign outside or a sticker on your house that shows that you have an alarm system. This alone will often prevent a break-in.

5. Many alarm systems come with additional features, like sounding a small beep when somebody enters the house or walks into a specific room. The alarm won’t go off, but you’ll know when people are coming and going.

6. You may be able to attach the alarm system to a recording device. If motion is detected in a room, a camera will click on and start recording any activity.

7. You can find an alarm system that alerts you to other hazards as well. For example, many systems will sound an alarm if there’s a fire or the presence of carbon monoxide.

8. When it’s time to move, having an installed alarm system can raise the value of your property. Since the new homeowner won’t have to spend extra time or money to upgrade the house, you can raise the price of your house when you’re ready to sell.

9. Alarm systems are incredibly simple to work. Once it’s installed, simply turn it on and live your life knowing that you’re protected around-the-clock. You’ll feel more relaxed and at peace in your own home, which is invaluable.

10. If there are several homes in a neighborhood that have an alarm system, the percentage of crime in a community will be lower overall. This makes a community more desirable to move into.

About the author: Jason Willis is a professional blogger that enjoys discussing the latest trends in electronics. He writes for Phoenix, a home theater design company in Memphis TN.

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