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3 For-Sale Home Flaws That Don't Have To Be Dealbreakers

By Brooke Chaplan | January 6, 2017

The perfect home is impossible to find. None of the homes available contains the exact specifications. Nevertheless, too much dependence on wish lists forces buyers to decline diamond-in-the-rough homes. Those selective buyers will continue the search indefinitely. For the rest of you, appreciate near-perfect homes. Allow flexibility in house hunting now and customize the home to your specifications later.

Homes with these deal-breakers expect overlooked responses. Perceptive buyers won't let these hiccups stop them from pursuing hidden gems.

Terrible Curb Appeal

Realtors consistently remind sellers to keep curb appeal (outer appearance) fantastic. Buyers remind themselves to pass over homes consisting of terrible outer appearance. A home with terrible curb appeal, unbelievably, isn't a deal-breaker. Visit the home anyway as if the curb appeal is perfection. Go inside and focus on the home's amenities and design. After all, curb appeal is fixable. Mow the lawn and plant vegetation yourself. You can also hire a company like J & D Door Sales Inc. to fix or replace unkempt garage doors to give a large piece of your home an easy make-over.

Hideous Paint Colors

Neutral colors are colors buyers look for and sellers can't afford to do. Photos featuring wild, crazy colors like yellow and orange turns most buyers away. One online glimpse and it's off the list. Hideous paint colors shouldn't turn buyers away from a potential home. Instead, focus on the home's design and structure. Focus on the preferred home's amenities and decide if the home has everything you require. Besides, a coat of paint is affordable. A professional or DIY project later, the bright house has transformed into the dream home.

The Age

For many, the year the home became a reality matters. The stigma with older homes is the home has outdated plumbing, electrical wiring, foundation, and roof. Meanwhile, newer homes are better because the year is recent, everything inside is new, and no one lived in it prior. This isn't true all the time. It is possible new homes used cheaper materials to create the foundation, structure, flooring, and roof. Homes built cheaply won't last as long as older homes built with quality, expensive material. Additionally, the way homeowners took care of the home contribute to the longevity.

There's a difference between having desires and preferences and being too selective. There are plenty of good homes overlooked for the wrong reasons. Give all homes a chance. Provide a valid reason to pass up the home (price range, neighborhood, etc.) before passing it up. The dream home could be staring you in the face.

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