5 Styles of Chicago Condos

If you are house hunting in Chicago, chances are that you are looking for condos. They are easy to maintain. And you only have to look after the interiors of your condo.

The condo association maintains the building and the common areas. But before you start looking for condos, you must know that there are various styles of condos in Chicago – from vintage to modern. Rather than view one condo after another without knowing what you want, why don’t you read the styles of Chicago condos given below and decide what is best for you?

1. Lofts – One of the most popular types of condos in Chicago are Lofts. But they are not your regular condos as they have only wide-open spaces and no separated rooms. These lofts have been converted from factories and warehouses into residences are very popular. These vintage condos are charming with red brick walls, open ducts and wide open spaces for rooms that may or may not be separated by partial walls.

2. Townhouses – If you don’t mind sharing walls with your neighbors, then a townhouse will be good for you. An advantage here is that event though, you share walls with neighbors on either side, and you do not have nay neighbors beneath or above your house. And, unlike standard condos, you will have the ownership of the area around you. Townhouses in Chicago typically have gray or brown sandstone façade.

3. Condo Hotels – These are the latest in real estate and very quickly becoming very popular owing to the fact that you live here as a resident and have all the facilities that you will get in a hotel. If you are not living there, you can rent it out as a hotel room. Ownership of Condo hotels can be private or owner use. Owning a condo hotel room can be a good second home where you do not have to worry about the upkeep. Of course, you have to pay for maintenance, but the hotel takes care of it.

4. Villas – These types of shelters or houses are luxury townhouses and retirement places. They are single storey Condos.

5. Single-Family Houses – You will own the land and the building where you will live but will have to enter into a contract with the Condo/homeowner’s association for the amenities and the services.

When you decide the kind of condo that you wish to buy, you will have amazing and a wide array of choice. Condos in Chicago can be traditional, modern or a combination of the old and new. It also depends upon the neighborhood. So, before you go condo hunting at Chicago, decide the style of condo you would prefer and also the neighborhood where you would like to live. It will narrow down your choices.

Brenda Lyttle is an enthusiastic custom home builder. She loves her job as she helps people frame out their dream homes from their imaginary canvas into reality. To check out the listings of Chicago condos and real estate, she recommends that you visit this site.

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