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Cost-Effective Green Home Improvements

By Alicia Murphy | June 12, 2012
With the continuing crisis in the world's economy, suffering homeowners across the globe are seeking new ways to save money. Whether that be coupon clipping, tightening up on frivolous spending or using more off-brand products, there are indeed many ways that a family can maximize their income.
Real Estate Resource, Residential, US Real Estate

Seller Home Improvements: What Yields Return

By Alicia Murphy | June 9, 2012
Preparing your home to be put on the market for sale involves several steps. You’ll want to make sure that your lawn is tidy for curb appeal, you’ve eliminated clutter and some personal items if necessary, and that your property remains in a relatively clean state in preparation for showings to prospective buyers.
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The Ever-Changing Foreclosure Market

By Alicia Murphy | June 1, 2012
Since the financial bubble burst foreclosed properties have become a very real part of the housing market. At one time their numbers were so few that they weren’t even considered applicable as a comparable listing or sale on an appraisal, however even that has changed. So what other changes have recently taken place in the ever-changing foreclosure market?
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What Do Low Interest Rates Mean for the Market?

By Alicia Murphy | May 28, 2012
Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 4 years chances are that you've heard a lot in the news about our country's floundering real estate market. First there was the bubble, then an all out crash in some markets, and now we're slowly but surely trying to measure a come-back with home inventories falling by almost 20% in April
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New FHA Changes, Again

By Alicia Murphy | April 1, 2012
Today’s turbulent Real Estate market makes for a tough environment for homebuyers. There’s more red tape, which means more hoops to jump through for financing, closing loans is taking somewhat longer than it did in recent years, and there are seemingly ever-increasing costs to consider.
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