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FAQ's Buying a House
Home Buying, US Real Estate

FAQ'S Buying a Home

By Bill Gassett | December 10, 2019
What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions From Buyers to Real Estate Agents? 1. Should I buy a home or continue to rent? One of the most frequently asked questions buyers will ask themselves is should I buy a home. In the long term, buying is going to be better than renting. But whether it […]
How to Go From a Renter to a Homeowner
Home Buying, US Real Estate

How Renters Can Prepare to Be Homeowners

By Bill Gassett | November 30, 2019
Preparing to Go From Renting to Buying Are you renting your home? When you first move away from home, you are more than likely to end up renting your first property. Most renters would like to become homebuyers but don't have the financial capability just yet. On occasion, renting to own a home is an […]
How You Can Lose Your Earnest Money Buying a House
Home Buying, US Real Estate

How You Can Lose Your Earnest Money Deposit Buying a House

By Bill Gassett | November 24, 2019
What is an Earnest Money Deposit? Before explaining how you can lose an earnest money deposit, you need to know what it is first. When buying a home, you're required to put money in escrow that signifies you are serious about moving forward. Another way to think about the purpose of these funds is to […]
What to Do Before Moving Into a New House
Home Sales, US Real Estate

Priorities to Take Care of When Moving to a New House

By Bill Gassett | October 4, 2019
What Should You Do When Moving to a New Home? There's a lot that goes into moving to a new home. From making sure you're getting your favorite cable package to the last crock-pot in the kitchen storage, there is a lot of stuff to take care of. If you lose track of your priorities, […]
Pros and Cons of Paying Off a Mortgage
Mortgage, US Real Estate

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paying Off Your Mortgage

By Bill Gassett | August 13, 2019
Pros and Cons of Paying Off Your Home Mortgage Early When you buy your first home, you soon learn that life is all about making the right financial decisions. Everything is about the pros and cons of things like paying off the mortgage on your home. These are not easy decisions to make. Before you […]
Dual Agency is Bad For Buyers and Sellers
US Real Estate

Why Dual Agency in Real Estate Is Bad For Buyers and Sellers

By Bill Gassett | June 11, 2019
What is Dual Agency and How Does it Work? There are lots of things in a real estate transaction that a layman has no idea about. Most people do understand the basics of representation. For example a "seller's real estate agent" represents a seller and a "buyer's real estate agent" represents a buyer. Pretty simple […]
Helpful Real Estate Articles
Home Buying, US Real Estate

Helpful Real Estate Articles For Buyers and Sellers

By Bill Gassett | April 22, 2019
Great Reading When Buying or Selling a Home Each month there are lots of great real estate articles that deserve a little bit of extra attention. Showcasing such articles in a real estate roundup is always enjoyable. Roundups are the perfect opportunity to give other writers a pat on the back for their exceptional work. […]
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