UWM details plan to offer in-house appraisal services

United Wholesale Mortgage has said it’s rolling out a new program that allows lenders to work directly with appraisers, instead of using an independent appraisal management company. The new program is called Appraisal Direct and will roll out on October 1 nationwide. Under the program, it will oversee the entire appraisal process, from scheduling the […]

Almost half of American renters fear they’ll never own a home

An alarming number of renters say they’re fearful that they’ll never be able to afford to buy a home in their lifetime, a new survey has found. The study by Lending Tree, an online loan marketplace, found that 48% of renters say they believe rising home prices and stagnant wages mean they’ll never become homeowners. […]

B&Bs are selling up as single-family homes

Bed and breakfasts saw business decline tremendously during the coronavirus pandemic, and as they continue to struggle in the stop-start post-pandemic world, some buyers are taking advantage. Individuals are increasingly snapping up spacious B&Bs and transforming them into large single-family homes, according to the Wall Street Journal. The demand is being driven by a shortage […]

Retailers are bouncing back and looking to expand with new store openings

The American retail sector is back in business and many companies are in expansion mode. According to a report from RetailSphere, a provider of retail analytics, there are more retailers who are planning to open new stores this year rather than close existing premises. The news of a rebound in retail follows a tumultuous 2020 […]

Redfin CEO says buyers still ignorant of climate change threat

Redfin Chief Executive Glenn Kelman has said buyers looking for affordable homes are increasingly “marching into the jaws of destruction” by ignoring the threat of climate change. Scientists say human-induced climate change is resulting in more intense wildfires as well as the increased ferocity of hurricanes and floods, which all pose severe risks to homes […]

LendingHome rebrands as “Kiavi” and moves into investor loans

Mortgage financing and rental loan provider LendingHome is rebranding itself as “Kiavi” as it looks to expand into providing lending options for real estate investors. The company said the name Kiavi is derived from the Italian word “chiave”, which means “key” in English. The company says it has seen a big jump in demand for […]

Hurricane Ida: Billions in flood damages uninsured, analysts say

Homeowners hit by Hurricane Ida now face a new challenge navigating the world of insurance claims, and there’s going to be bad news in store for some. Many thousands of homes were damaged as a result of flooding. But most standard home insurance polices don’t provide flood insurance, which is usually sold as a separate, […]

Terraces are becoming an essential fixture for office buildings

Outdoor space has become a must-have in the commercial real estate sector, and now office buildings are increasingly adding terraces as a way to provide that so they can convince people to come back to work. “We’ve been involved in office space and building design, and the evolution of office buildings, for 40 years,” Dan […]

Zillow debuts children’s book to help kids deal with moving

As more families move to homes that better suit their evolving needs, Zillow has created a children’s e-book to help parents make the transition easier for their families. The Girl Who Didn’t Want to Move chronicles a move by a fictional young girl named Iris, her parents and her special friends, Jupitus and Annika. Made […]

California town buys at-risk homes to create a barrier against wildfires

Officials in the town Paradise, California, are hoping to eliminate the threat of deadly wildfires by buying up what they consider to be the most at-risk homes and transforming them into fire-resistant green spaces. NPR reported that Paradise suffered widespread destruction during the 2018 Camp Fire. Some 85 people were killed and more than 14,000 […]